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Trump Taking COVID Drug

President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he has been taking hydroxychloroquine for the past 2 weeks.  Also known as HCQS, the malaria drug has been considered by many to be an effective Coronavirus treatment.  The anti-Trump Media has been trashing the drug ever since President Trump first mentioned it during a press conference weeks ago.  This is all part of the Left's objective to keep America shutdown in order to have a bad economy during election time.  Anything positive about the Coronavirus outbreak, like a practical drug treatment or declines in new cases is heavily scrutinized by the Fake News Media.  So, naturally, White House reporters went ballistic over Trump declaring his use of hydroxychloroquine.


The general complaints are that he is misleading people on the benefits of HCQS, its safety, and that he is using it,  Numerous foreign studies show that hydroxychloroquine has helped COVID patients when given early in their cases.  Even the American Heart Association has recently debunked cardiac concerns generated by a single review of a small number of cases from Veterans Hospitals.  The patients from the VA were in an advanced stage of COVID infection.  There are over a dozen large studies underway in the United States.  In Michigan, the Henry Ford Healthcare workers, about 3,000, are all taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative therapy, just as Trump is.  

Trump did consult with his doctors before beginning the HCQS treatment.  About two weeks ago, when he began, there was a rash of positive COVID cases at the White House.  Along with a number of Secret Service agents, other staffers tested positive, including one of Trump's personal valets.  So there is a genuine risk.  Considering how much effort and money is spent to protect the President of the United States, a prescription for hydroxychloroquine is small price to pay.

Which, of course, is the big problem with hydroxychloroquine.  It's cheap!  How awful it would be if there was a simple, inexpensive way to stop COVID-19 in its tracks?  Democrat state governors would not be able to impose restrictions on their citizens.  The economy would be closed.  Unemployment would be high.  Democrats in Congress can push for bailouts badly needed by some states.  Why wait for a vaccine to restart the nation?  Hydroxychloroquine has been around for 65 years.  If it wasn't safe for the millions of people whom have used it, why is it still on the market?  

Nearly every state has begun reopening.  The original reason to close down the economy has to 'flatten the curve' and prevent our healthcare system from being swamped.  That moment has clearly passed.  The peak was more than 3 weeks ago.  We now have sufficient testing available to diagnosis and monitor COVID-19 in our communities.  We have plenty of beds, ventilators and PPE gear.  Science is showing that the in some areas, like New York City, the shutdown was not really that effective.  About two-thirds of those infected were infected while self-quarantining at home in the Big Apple.  We know who is at greatest risk, and the numbers prove it.  A disproportional amount of cases and deaths happened at nursing homes.  

There is no valid reason for keeping most of the restrictions in place.  Four out of 5 people are at little to no risk.  We have the means now to keep any new outbreaks small.  Even the weather is cooperating!  Science shows that once we hit temperatures of 77 degrees, COVID-19 does not survive well.  The negative chatter by The Media and by Democrats is unfounded.  Trump is leading the nation back to normalcy.  We should be celebrating!  

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