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Trump Sends Dem Memo Back For Edit

Remember when Adam Schiff and other Democrats in Congress were complaining that the Devin Nunes FISA memo would reveal national security secrets? Well, looks like the Schiff memo actually does reveal classified ′sources and methods′. For this reason, President Donald Trump has sent the Schiff memo back to the Democrats for a rewrite. Apparently, just redacting alone would not suffice.




The rumor mill says that much of the 10-page, Schiff memo is mostly an attack on Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Mainly alleging that Nunes was working with the Trump White House as part of a ′plot′ to discredit the Russia collusion probe. Like that needed any effort to discredit! After over a year of investigations, interviews and tens of thousands of pages of documents, there has yet to be any evidence of any collusion between Team Trump and the Russian government.


However, we are learning more and more every day about how Democrats have been colluding with the Russians. Sen. Mark Warner is just the latest joker to be exposed for trying to arrange for a private meeting with former MI6 agent, Christopher Steele through a Russian oligarch billionaire. Text messages show this collusion which was an attempt by Warner to obtain dirt on President Trump. Adam Schiff got busted earlier this week for trying to obtain some alleged naked pictures of Trump from two Russian comics posing as Ukrainian government officials.


Another memo released by Senators Grassley and Graham show how there was a second Trump dossier, or actually a first which predated the one from Steele and Fusion GPS. This other dossier was 4 pages long and allegedly originated from two Hillary Clinton smear experts, Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer. They had tried shopping their dossier to the State Department and FBI, then passed it along to Fusion GPS and Steele, who then added that material to his longer dossier.


We also learned from some new text messages from our favorite FBI love birds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, that ″POTUS wants to know everything we are doing.″ Woah! This gem was dated on September 2, 2016. Back on April 10, 2016, Barack Obama told Fox News host Chris Wallace that he never discusses any pending investigations with anyone from the FBI or DOJ. Apparently he does! Yet another Obama lie!


To round things out, former FBI informant, Douglass Campbell, spoke with three different committees on Capitol Hill this past week about the old Uranium One deal. How a lobbying firm, APCO Worldwide, was allegedly given some $3,000,000 to make 4 donations of $750,000 each to the Clinton Foundation over a 12-month period as part of a pay-for-play scheme involving Uranium One and other US-Russian deals. APCO denies the allegations. The FBI and DOJ claim that Campbell is not a reliable source, even though he helped our government for several years in several bribery and conspiracy cases, leading to several arrests and convictions.


So, while the Trump-Russia collusion probe is not yielding any substantial evidence against President Trump, there is an ever growing body of material showing a whole lot of colluding between Democrats and Russia. Not to forget colluding between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Barack Obama administration. It is beginning to look like the whole Trump-Russia thing originated from the Hillary campaign in the late spring or early summer of 2016 as part of a political smear effort. Then, while the FBI and DOJ was allowing Hillary to slide on her many crimes of mishandling classified material, the Obama administration was cooperating with Hillary to frame then Candidate Trump. Even to the point of top FBI and DOJ officials lying to the FISA court judges to obtain surveillance warrants against Team Trump.


Former CBS reporter, Sheryl Atkinson, claims that her sources say that the FBI has back ′back-engineering′ FISA warrant requests often for years to spy on American citizens. Atkinson, herself, was the subject of hacks and surveillance from the Obama administration, which was upset with her reporting on both the Fast & Furious gun-walking case and on the Benghazi terrorist attack. She was not alone as the Obama administration went after more than 20 reporters from the Associated Press and Fox News as well. This story is growing bigger by the day and may very well drag down a whole bunch of high-ranking officials from the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Department and even the White House, too!


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