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Trump On Gun Control

I believe President Donald J. Trump when he says that he supports the Second Amendment and will not allow anyone′s guns to be taken away. Unless they are acting crazy and need to be evaluated. A lot of people are going to be mad at me, but I am not really worried about all of this talk about raising the age for purchasing firearms. For starters, nobody is suggesting that a minimum age for carrying, handling and using firearms while under adult supervision. If you want to take your 10 year-old hunting or to a target range, President Trump, nor any rational legislator, is going to stop you. As for the argument about 18 year-old soldiers having guns, that is apples and oranges. Such young adults live in a highly supervised, regulated bubble, unlike their civilian counterparts.




Yes, I know, the recent school shooting in Florida has little to do with the issue of gun laws. We just learned the other day that the liar of Broward County, Sheriff Scott Israel, has lied again about how many times authorities were called to the residency of Nikolas Cruz. Deputies from Broward were called there over 40 times! Add those calls from other police departments and the number is near 60. Part of the problem was the ′Promise Program′, where teenage trouble-makers were not arrested. Mainly so that the county could claim a low crime rate and receive extra cash.


But I have to say, given what we are seeing on college campuses these days, forget about high schools, I am in no hurry for today′s crop of young ′adults′ to be able to purchase weaponry on their own. We already know of a group in Chicago which is training college-aged agitators in shooting and other martial arts so they can fight police at protest marches. Personally, I′d have no objections to raising the age for voting, either! I′ve read Robert A. Heinlein′s novel, ″Starship Troopers″ many times, and fully understand his viewpoint on what citizenship means.


A vote can be just as much an act of force, just as violent, as any weapon. In Heinlein′s novel, the society is governed by veterans. Only those who serve and get an honorable discharge become full citizens. Only they can vote, hold public office, teach in schools, write or be artists, or even be allowed to have children and raise families without any expensive tax. Now, you might think that such is rather extreme. But the philosophy behind this society is one of responsibility. Only those who are willing to assume personal responsibility for their society, their civilization, should have any say in how it is run. The rest of the ′residents′ are just ′floaters′, riding the tide of the freedoms and liberties others risked their lives to bring about.


Way back when I was in the 18-21 age bracket, American society was definitely changing, for the worse, but there was still a fair amount of responsibility built into our culture. Not to mention plenty of religion. Yep, most of the country was still clinging to their guns, Bibles and Constitutions in those days! However, with each decade that followed, our culture become more and more polluted with Modern Liberalism. You can call it Progressivism, Godless-Socialism or anything else that comes to mind. The notion of personal responsibility is on the decline. Not a good thing!


Believe me, I understand the actual, true purpose of the Second Amendment. To govern ourselves we have to protect ourselves, and not just from wild animals or criminals, but also from tyrannical politicians. Liberty is a very valuable prize, a treasure which can only be preserved by violent force since that is how it is usually stolen. Not just by the force of guns, but also by the force of votes. I understand the ′slippery slope′, having seen it in action for about 6 decades now. I know that raising the age for purchasing guns to 21 is another slide on that slope.


The harsh reality is that sometimes we need to take a step back before we can move forward. I would rather we expend our energies and political capital on bigger, more profound issues. Like reforming our culture, restoring personal responsibility, and even reexamining the whole concept of citizenship. I think we have reached a point where just an act of birth is not a qualifier. We see that one being abused daily with these so-called ′Anchor-Babies′. President Trump has been talking about these very things. If we can turn these issues around and put American back on a track to survive another century or two, the Second Amendment will not only be preserved, but its true function will be instilled in the hearts and minds of all. We live in perilous times with many aspects of our society teetering on the brink. Let us focus our efforts on those which need more immediate attention.


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