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Trump, Mueller Showdown Coming

The ′Fake News Media′ is getting mighty desperate! Now they are rehashing old ′fake news! Such as the New York Times story about President Donald Trump allegedly wanting to order Special Counsel Robert Mueller III to be fired. This ′story′ is a rehash from June of 2017. It was ′fake news′ then and its still ′fake news′ today! Yet, The Media is hyperventilating about it. CNN, MSNBC and the rest are giving it non-stop coverage for the past couple of days and are sure to keep on it all weekend long.




Just as they did last summer, the White House and President Trump are denying the rehashed story. Legal Counsel Don McGann is still claiming that he never threatened to resign, a significant fake-fact from the recent New York Times story. Obviously, President Trump did not fire Mueller, since Mueller is still conducting his stupid probe. Therefore there is no obstruction of justice. Even if President Trump had fired Mueller, there would still be no obstruction of justice. The truth is, as it was back last June, that Mueller has many conflicts of interest attached to him.


We know that Mueller had and lost a dispute over a membership to a Trump golf club. We know that the law firm Mueller had worked for before becoming Special Counsel had Jared Kushner as a client at some point. We know that Mueller was a close associate, a mentor, to James Comey. Comey was practically Mueller′s hand-picked successor to be Director of the FBI. Whether or not they were friends is besides the point, they were professionally married to each other. Finally, wed also know that Mueller had been offered the job of Director again after Comey was fired. That Mueller had met with and was interviewed by President Trump a day or so just before Mueller was appointed Special Counsel. Any one of these is sufficient justification to fire Mueller, especially this he did not to the right thing and turn the Special Counsel job down, as he should have!


What we are seeing here is a planted story by the New York Times to gin-up the rest of The Media into a defensive mode for protecting Mueller. The ′Walls of Truth′ are closing in, not on President Trump but on Mueller, Comey and the rest of the miscreants at the FBI and DOJ. The missing FBI text message were miraculously recovered in just 30 minutes by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz after FBI senior officials claimed that the texts were lost forever. Somebody is lying here and it surely is not Horowitz!


On top of that, we have the looming prospect of the FISA Memo compiled by Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee. The latest word is that the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign is succeeding and the FISA Memo may be released this coming week. Perhaps just before or after the State of the Union speech on Tuesday. I wished they would have released it yesterday, or now wait till Thursday to give President Trump at least one day to bask in the glory of his SOTUS address.


Between the FBI text messages, the FISA memo and other documents and revelations we have had in the past few months, the jigsaw puzzle is becoming quite plain and clear. There never was any collusion by Team Trump with the Russian government, before, during nor after the 2016 election. The FBI and DOJ under the Obama administration did in fact obstruct justice and absolved Hillary Clinton of any criminal acts by giving her ′special consideration′ during what amounted to a biased, phony probe on her use of a private email server. Obama, himself, even lied about not knowing about the private server since he had sent at least some 22 emails to her through it using his own secret email address.


James Comey, Loretta Lynch and many other high-ranking officials at both the FBI and DOJ covered up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and her staff, obstructing justice and committing crimes themselves, such as lying to Congress. Then we have FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page being involved in both that whole Hillary mess, as well as coming up with an ″insurance″ plan to frame Candidate Donald Trump with colluding with the Russians. Which, technically, is not a crime unless actual money was exchanged, which it wasn′t since there never was any collusion. However, there certainly was money exchanged by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC with foreign nationals, including possible members of the Russian intelligence agency, for the Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS dossier.


Add to that the Obama White House allowing the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DNI, State Department and other government agencies to misrepresent the phony dossier as actual intelligence to a FISA court judge. The purpose of which was in order to obtain a warrant to spy on Team Trump, both during and after the election campaign. A direct attempt by a sitting administration to attack and derail a political opponent by means of intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies. The sort of thing you see in dictatorships like Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany or the many ′banana republics′. When they couldn′t prevent Candidate Trump from winning the election, they then used all of their resources to undermine the election outcome and try to sabotage the incoming administration of President Trump. Even to the point of framing him for impeachment.


We just learned that tidbit in the latest FBI text message exchanges between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to be made public. Strzok pontificates how wonderful it might be to be part of an investigation which would be historic and result in a possible impeachment. As if he thought this notion would send his mistress into a euphoric-sexual state, exciting her! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Not only are these two love birds insane, but apparently also most of the 7th Floor of the FBI headquarters, along with the top management at the DOJ and other Beltway locales.


I hope that President Trump does not make any decision to meet with Robert Mueller until after the FISA Memo is released. I would even want him to put it off until after all of the 50,000 or so FBI text messages and all of the thousands of pages of other documents are released. Along with all of the members of the FBI-DOJ ′secret society′ brought before the various Congressional committees and testify. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz may be ready to release his report on this mess by around late March. President Trump should wait until all of these are made public before agreeing to anything. There is no valid reason for him to expose himself to any potential perjury traps by Robert Mueller and his gang of Hillary Clinton lovers. By the time all of this information comes out, the public will realize just how far Barack Obama and his minions went to meddle in the 2016 elections.


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