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Trump Meets Putin, Discussed Meddling

President Donald Trump meet privately with Vladimir Putin during the APEC gathering in Da Nang, Vietnam. They discussed fighting ISIS, post-war Syria plans and North Korea. President Trump also raised the issue of Russian meddling in our elections again with Putin. He had asked Putin about it before during their previous face-to-face chat at the G20 Conference. Once again, Putin denied any knowledge of Russia meddling in the 2016 election. Later, when asked by reporters about it, President Trump replied that he thinks Putin believes that he had no knowledge. Okay. So, why did the Fake News Media, along with Deep State bozos like John Brennan, try to paint this encounter as a sign that President Trump got played by Putin?




The idea that President Trump got played by Vlad is just plain silly! For starters, our President never even said that he believed Putin in the first place! He only remarked that it appeared to him that Putin believed his own denial. Furthermore, what does the Fake News Media expect? That we should break off all relations with Russia? Start a nuclear war with them over this alleged meddling thing? If anyone is getting played, it is the American People who watch the Fake News Media and believe what they say!


As for John Brennan and James Clapper, they got played by Hillary Clinton when she hired Fusion GPS to gin up some phony document about Russian prostitutes peeing in a bed once slept in by Barack and Michelle Obama. Bad enough they lied to Congress, and the American People, about the NSA spying on us all. Now they are trying to inflate this Russian meddling story from an ant hill to a mountain range. As if it had any role in the election outcome.


Okay, so the Russians spent maybe $150,000 or so on some Facebook ads. How does that stand up to the hundreds of millions of dollars Hillary Clinton spent, or rather, misspent? Or the billions of dollars worth of TV time spent by the Fake News Media in lying to the voters? The thousands of hours of non-stop Trump-bashing? Whether the Russians did anything or not, the impact was minimal, if it existed at all. Even if they were behind the leaked emails published by WikiLeaks, which Julian Assange continues to deny, all the Russians did in that case was give us the unvarnished truth which Hillary and the Fake News Media were trying to conceal. In other words, any possible meddling by Russia was indeed a positive thing, not a negative.


Everybody seems to keep forgetting that the Barack Obama administration was meddling in foreign elections all the time! In all honesty, we meddle in other nation′s domestic affairs for over a century or more. Its all part of ′The Great Game′. The British probably play that game best in history. But these days, the title is up for grabs. This latest episode to emerge from the APEC meeting is just another example of the highly biased nature of the Fake News Media, which will conjure up any story negative towards President Donald Trump. When will they ever learn?


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