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Trump Love-Fest In Davos

Predictions that President Donald Trump would be jeered and abused by the Globalists assembled in Davos, Switzerland have been proven wrong. Attendees at the World Economic Forum have, instead, showered President Trump with love, affection and high praise! One reporter for NBC News described the scene as if our President were some sort of ″rock star″ as hundreds follow him around taking pictures with their smart phones. This very much irritated one MSNBC host who had hoped for protesters. There is no doubt that President Trump has far more fans at Davos than even Kim Kardashian!




On Thursday, President Trump met with the prime ministers of the UK and of Israel. These were warm, friendly and productive talks. In the evening, he had dinner with a host of CEOs from many large corporations, like Seimens, Nestles, Volvo and SAP. Practically all of the 15 or so executives praised President Trump for his deregulations, plus his tax cuts and reforms. Nearly all promised to invest more capital in America, adding jobs and facilities.


Friday morning, President Trump met with the head of the African Union, who is also the president of Rwanda, as well as the president of Switzerland. Again, these one-on-one meetings were cordial and productive, with more interaction promised in the future. President Trump then spoke to all of those attending the World Economic Forum. The speech emphasized ′America First, but not alone′. He explained that the United States economy was recovering at a brisk pace. That as America′s economy improves, so too do others around the world. The President wants free trade, but any future deals must benefit both sides, not just our competition.


All of this sticks in the craw of the Fake News Media, which is still fixated on Robert Mueller and his phony Russia collusion probe. News hosts and pundits had all predicted that President Trump would face a hostile crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Nothing could be farther from that biased viewpoint! President Donald Trump is being treated like a friend and a rock star, who they acknowledge as making the world more prosperous. As for global warming, its kind of hard to see that with 9 feet of fresh snow on the ground!


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