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Trump Legal Team Takes Over

This morning, the legal team for President Donald John Trump took over center stage at the Senate impeachment trial.  Being a Saturday, the session was brief, lasting just over 2 hours.  Trump's defense lawyers opened with setting the stage for how they intend to rebut the endless droning we heard from the House managers for over 22 hours.  While some of the presentation was low key, wrapped in technicalities, it was effective and informative.  For example, we learned that the reason why the White House rejected any subpoenas from the House on Ukraine was because the House NEVER VOTED to allow for subpoenas during the first 71 days of their 78 day sham.  Even then, after they passed H.R. 660 guiding the House Judiciary Committee's hearings, Nancy Pelosi closed the hearings down after just two days of hearings.  


So, in short, what the Trump legal defense team did today was demonstrate how the House Democrats were lazy and slipshod in attempting to impeach a legally elected president.  Mind you, this is only the third time in our nation's history such an attempt was made.  In both earlier cases, where actual laws had been violated, the attempts failed.  Andrew Johnson came close when the Senate vote fell one short of removing him from office.  Of course, in that case, Johnson had only been Lincoln's running mate before fate handed him the Big Chair.  

Other points were made about how the House managers neglected to provide all of the information while making their case.  Omitting key phrases and sentences from testimony, as well as whole questions and answers on vital points.  Such as concerning the subject of withholding aid.  House managers would have you believe that Trump was only focused on withholding funds from Ukraine alone.  The truth is that there were other countries that also had U.S. aid was withheld at the same time.  Another vital fact omitted by House managers was that when asked, many of the so-called "star witnesses" agreed with Trump that corruption in Ukraine's government was a serious concern.

Perhaps my favorite point was made when part of the transcript was read, indicating that an actual meeting between Trump and Zelenskiy in the White House was not a crucial issue.  Zelenskiy, himself, raised the matter of possibly meeting in Poland during a commemorative ceremony on September 1, marking the 80th anniversary of the start of WW2.  Trump later canceled his trip due to a hurricane in the Gulf region.  Mike Pence went to Poland, instead.  Trump and Zelenskiy did meet later in the month at the United Nations opening ceremony in New York.

Trump's legal defense team punched holes in several arguments the House managers made.  The team's leader, Pat Cipolone, took aim at House leader, Adam Schiff for all of the lying he has done in the past.  Schiff was also slammed for backtracking on the importance of the testimony from the alleged whistleblower and for withholding the closed-door testimony from the Intelligence Community Inspector General.  Schiff's committee turned over the testimony of the other 17 witnesses who gave depositions, but not the IG's.  More fun continues on Monday as Trump's defenders further chip away at the House manager arguments.

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