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Trump Legal Defense Team Finishes

The legal defense team for President Donald Trump wrapped up their opening arguments yesterday on the Senate floor.  They only made 2 presentations, lasting about 2 hours on their third day.  Overall, they used about 11 of their 24 hours, half of what the House Democrat managers used.  Their essential arguments were that President Trump did nothing to warrant an impeachment and that the House managers failed to present any factual evidence of any crime, let alone one that meets the historical standard of a "high crime or misdemeanor".  While Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admitted to not having sufficient votes, yet, to block any additional witnesses or documents to be considered, there are signs that the trial could end as early as Friday.


Currently, there are 3 to 4 Republican Senators who appear to be supportive of allowing more witnesses.  On the other side, there may be two or three Democrat Senators who may be ready to end this farce.  Even Corey Gardener now appears to be interested in concluding the trial quickly.  A potential vote for witnesses could involve a package deal, with an 'all-or-nothing' clause.  Should one witness decide to avoid testifying, any others subpoenas might squash, too.  Concerns that the trial might be dragged out for months due to court challenges are weighing heavily on the side for having no witnesses at all.

Meanwhile, President Trump is keeping busy, presenting a new plan to bring peace to the Middle East, and held a campaign rally in New Jersey last night with some 175,000 trying to get into a 7,500-seat venue. A new Gallup Poll analysis shows Americans much happier on at least 8 key issues now than they were 3 years ago.  The President also has some of his best approval numbers, too.  On top of all of that, there are new reports that the so-called whistleblower on the Ukraine phone call may be linked to two earlier attempts to smear President Trump.  Clearly showing a highly biased agenda and casting more doubt on the House Democrat impeachment articles.

In short, the attempt to smear President Trump with impeachment and removal from office has backfired!  Even if John Bolton were to appear as a witness, it seems very unlikely that whatever he has to say will change the minds of enough senators to remove Trump from office.  The Fake News Media is trying to remain optimistic about smearing Trump as both CNN and MSNBC joke about Trump voters on air.  Don Lemon caused so much outrage that he had to make a statement during his show last night where he gave a non-apology-explanation.  If anything, he only dug himself into a deeper hole.  In Iowa, with the caucus just days away, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are sinking in numbers despite their competitors being sidelined due to the impeachment trial.  The DNC is getting so worried that Bernie Sanders may walk away with the nomination that they stacked their organization with more leftovers from Hillary Clinton's campaign.  Things are looking better for President Trump winning in a landslide.

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