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Trump Lectures UN On Principled Realism

President Donald J. Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the first time this morning. His speech slammed rogue states like North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela. He even fired a shot at Russia for meddling with Ukraine and China for its aggressive actions in the Western Pacific. President Trump also was critical of the UN and its failings towards making the world a better place. He then lectured the UN on the concept of ′principled realism′, where decisions are made not based on ideology but on outcome. The President assured the audience that America will always be a great friend to the world, but that they should not expect to get away with unfair advantages any longer.




President Trump did go into his policy of America First. That he will place our national sovereignty and people before others in any situation. No longer will we simply be an open checkbook for the world to take advantage of. But this does not mean that we will not ″work side by side″ with other ″strong sovereign nations″. He also reaffirmed America′s commitment to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism wherever it may be.


The President also made it a point to bash those nations pursuing the development and use of weapons of mass destruction. That such actions will not be tolerated. He gave the example of the Tomahawk missile strike against Syria after it used chemical weapons on its own people. President Trump further went on to make the case that open borders and the free flow of refugees was unfair to both nations where the refugees were going to and leaving from. That people must stay and fight for freedom and for a better life rather than run away.


President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly for the first time this morning since taking office. He warned the UN not to use its bureaucracy to infringe on sovereign nations. That globalism is not the solution to the world′s problems. But, more importantly, he informed the UN that his policies will be guided by a rational philosophy of ″principled realism″, not by ideology. That he will make America First the cornerstone of his administration, and the foundation of any international actions.


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