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Trump In Texas, Louisiana

On Saturday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited both Texas and Louisiana. They made multiple stops in Houston, Lake Charles and other locations ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. The President and First Lady met with First Responders and volunteer rescue teams, like the Cajun Navy, and with victims of the devastating storm. They toured relief centers and even lent a hand in helping pass out food and supplies to refugees still forced out of their homes by floods.




While Harvey is no longer a problem, the after effects will linger on for many days to come. In the Houston area, several reservoirs are still too high, forcing engineers to continue releasing water. This action may go on for another 10 days or more. Some rivers in Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana are still cresting to peak levels, causing more flooding, too. Even though it has stopped raining, there are still new evacuation orders being issued. The task of rescuing people from their homes continues.


Meanwhile, the East Coast must start preparing for a new storm, Hurricane Irma. She is still far out in the Atlantic but is becoming a very powerful storm. Currently, Irma is a Category 3 hurricane and is expected to strengthen to Cat 4 by the time it begins wreaking havoc in the Caribbean. Some early computer models are tracking the storm to hit anywhere between Florida to the Mid-Atlantic states by next week. By then, Hurricane Irma could become a Category 5 ′Super-Storm′.


President Donald Trump and First lady Melania met with many volunteers, as well as with National Guard and Coast Guard personnel. They also served meals and passed out supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey, listening to their stories and offering hope. Naturally, the Fake News Media will still try to spin this in a negative fashion. But the reaction from those on the ground appeared grateful that the President and his wife returned to the area so quickly to lend a helping hand. The President has even decided to donate $1 Million dollars of his own money to help storm victims.


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