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Trump In India

President Donald Trump is in India on a 36-hour friendship tour.  After a 20-hour flight, the President, First Lady Melania Trump, along the Kushners and a dozen economic and policy officials arrived in Ahmedabad where they were warmly greeted by Prime Minister Modi.  Trump delivered a well received speech at the world's largest cricket stadium, packed with over 125,000 people.  He spoke of the growing friendship between the United States and India.  Trump praised India on its culture and traditions and the efforts they have made as a regional power.  The crowd loved the Trump speech.  Later, the Trump party flew to Agra to visit the famous Taj Mahal.  After which, they flew to New Delhi where, tomorrow, there will be high-level discussions on trade and military matters, followed by a state dinner.  The visit is a return gesture after Prime Minister Modi came to Houston last year.  Dubbed the "Howdy, Modi" visit, both Trump and Moti gave a joint speech before an audience of over 25,000.


While idiot critics claim that President Trump is hurting our foreign policies, the truth is that under Trump, our relations with India have improved significantly.  Last year, the US Navy and Indian navy held its very first joint exercise.  Trade between our two nations has increased both ways. India is expected to shortly become the world's largest market, surpassing China.  They also have one of the best educated populations, with most speaking English as well as local dialects.  Indian students are also well versed in mathematics and the sciences.  Indian engineers and computer science graduates are highly sought by American tech companies.  Much of our customer service industry is based in India.

So, it is both natural and necessary that these two democratic nations function closely together.  Under Prime Minister Modi, India is becoming more Capitalistic.  A move which began shortly after the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s.  For decades, India walked a fine line between the Super Power conflict, acting as the leader of third, independent coalition of nations.  However, India had adapted much of a Socialistic economic model, which greatly restricted its growth and development.  When the Soviet Union fell apart, India started deregulation and quickly, its economy began to boom.

Unlike the dolts in our media, the people of India love President Trump.  If he can bring the US closer with India, as he seems to be doing, it would be a huge triumph in foreign policy.  It would certainly make China take notice and behave themselves.  Trump's visit to India is more proof that he has restored America as a great power on the world stage.  One in which we are respected, appreciated by our friends.  One in which we are more feared by our enemies.   

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