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Trump Garden Of Heroes

President Donald J. Trump has a great idea!  Perhaps his best yet!  He wants a new historic monument.  A National Garden of American Heroes.  Friday evening, the President announced his executive order to build such a monument while attending the July 4th celebration at Mt. Rushmore. On Saturday evening, back at the White House for another Independence Day affair, President Trump went into more detail.  The Garden of Heroes will have some 30 statues for citizens to enjoy.  Some of the proposed names for these new statues include John Adams, James Madison, Betsy Ross, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Jackie Robison, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohammed Ali.  Others being suggested are the Wright Brothers, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett and two of Trump's personal favorites, Generals George S. Patton Jr. and Douglas A. MacArthur.   


Naturally, the Fake News Media is attacking the idea.  They are describing the last two speeches as "dark" and "divisive".  You would think that Trump wants Albert Speer to design the 'Beer Garden of National Heroes'.  But, the plan is a counter to the recent assault upon our nation's history by Marxist extremists.  Federal law enforcement agents have arrested some 150 people who were involved in attacks on our existing statues and monuments, as well as some behind the rioting and looting of the past month.  Local politicians have succumbed to the violent mobs demanding the elimination of historic monuments.  As if this will give them a free hand to rewrite our history.

President Trump has little patience for this childish behavior.  He see these cretons for what they truly are.  Traitors, enemies of the state!  At the very least, useful idiots.  These recent attacks on monuments are just the latest method in a long-term effort to rewrite history.  To delegitimize our systems, our institutions and our culture.  Another new component of this plot involves a new book, "White Fragility", which is being incorporated by a growing list of school districts.  Even colleges and businesses are requiring its reading.  The goal is to further divide the country along racial lines, a technique which serves the aims of Democrat politicians.

So, the answer to this plot is to fight back.  The idea of a Garden of Heroes is brilliant.  First, Trump shows that he is willing to add diversity to our historic monuments.  All the while, placing the subject in proper context.  Sure, America was imperfect when it was conceived.  It still is.  But the March of Freedom is never ending.  There is always room for improvement.  Provided that such improvement is done properly.  In a peaceful, orderly manner with the consent of the citizens, not by an angry mob.

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