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Trump Disinfects Media

There is simply no pleasing The Media.  They complain about the White House daily briefings with Coronavirus updates.  They say the briefings should not be televised.  CNN hardly covers them anymore after President Trump exposed their deceit in a video played recently.  Then, Trump cancels briefings over the weekend because the so-called 'journalists' twist whatever he says.  For example, on Thursday, the briefing included the results of experiments conducted by the DHS bio-terrorism research lab.  The conclusion is that heat and humidity does shorten the lifespan of COVID-19 both in the air and on surfaces.  They also verified that alcohol, bleach and UV light will disinfect surfaces from the virus.  Trump then poses a question to the room if "SOMETHING LIKE" those methods could be used internally in the human body.  That set off another round of Fake News.


Reporters apparently were not paying attention to what Trump was saying.  Or they have shit in their ears, or maybe between their ears?  Somehow, the Fake News Media interpreted the question as Trump wants to inject rubbing alcohol, Clorox or Lysol into people's blood streams.  Or have people swallow UV light bulbs.  Of course, Trump did not mean that, which is why he said, "SOMETHING LIKE".  Actually, that is essentially what a therapeutic drug does, which is our best hope for a quick countermeasure for the Coronavirus.  Vaccines take time and usually are only marginally successful.  Most flu vaccines offer at best only about 40-50% protection during each annual flu season.  The fastest vaccine developed was the one for mumps, back in the 1960s.  From initial testing on animals to human distribution was 6 years.  Does Dr. Fauci really think we can keep the nation shutdown for the next 6 years?

Long before any vaccine enters the scene, we will have multiple therapeutic medications available.  Probably even some over-the-counter types, too!  Something like Zicam might prove helpful, a zinc-based gel which traps germs in the nasal passages.  Zicam is effective in preventing the common cold from taking hold of its victim, particularly when used early.  By the way, the common cold is also a Coronavirus, just like COVID-19.  The idea of using UV light internally is not that crazy either.  There is already a technology which involves a tube containing miniature UV LED lightbulbs used with ventilators.  The system aids in reducing infections in the throat and trachea.  

So, we have these allegedly bright political reporters, who are so stupid they think Trump wants people to inject themselves with rubbing alcohol or bleach.  Keep in mind that Trump is always mentioning at the briefings that people should consult with their doctors before trying any therapy.  But the 'journalists' only hear what they want to hear and use their twisted view of hate to attack President Trump.  One can only imagine that the public good would be better served if news agencies sent medical and science reporters to these Coronavirus briefings.  Maybe they might actually research the facts a little bit.

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