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Trump Declares National Emergency

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency this afternoon in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Invoking the Stafford Act of 1988, the President is mobilizing a nationwide emergency, releasing at least $50 Billion dollars in FEMA funds to states and local governments.  The Trump administration is temporarily waving numerous federal regulations and guidelines, freeing hospitals to take whatever necessary steps to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.  Trump has also ordered all state governments to activate emergency command centers and for hospitals to also activate existing emergency plans.  The White House is also coordinating with many private corporations to expedite testing equipment and methods.  Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Target will allow for many of their locations to serve as 'drive-thru' testing sites.  Google is setting up a website for online screening to advise citizens if they need to be tested and where to go.  


These series of moves are being considered as the '2nd Inning' in the challenge to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.  The 1st Inning began when Trump declared a national health emergency on January 31 and initiated the travel ban from China, later adding South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy.  This week, continental Europe was added and today, President Trump said that other nations may be added as needed while some may have the restrictions lifted.  The White House Coronavirus Response Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, are meeting daily to determine what actions are necessary.

Other actions to start include buying oil to restock our national emergency reserve, since crude oil is very cheap.  Another new action is ramping up new technology and methods known as 'Tele-Medicine'.  This will allow for patients to confer with doctors remotely.  One aspect of this is lifting restrictions on only being able to confer with a local doctor in your own state.  Today's actions will nationalize the process, so doctors in areas less effected will be available to assist people in regions where the virus has impacted.  This approach could have long-term benefits well after the present emergency passes in improving healthcare.

Reporters at the Rose Garden event seemed fixated with why President Trump has not yet been tested.  Of course, he has not since he has no symptoms.  Trump has a full medical team at his disposal to monitor him.  However, Trump said that at some point he may be tested just to show how easy it is.  The tests involve a nasal swab which is then checked at a lab for the RNA genetic signature of the Coronavirus.  Critics of the lack of tests and the delay in results, about 2-4 days, are calling it a failing of the Trump administration.  However, Dr. Anthony Fauci explained that the failing was systemic as the CDC was never designed to handle a nationwide emergency like this.  Initially, all tests were processed by the CDC facility in Atlanta.  The Trump administration then added state public health labs as well as those of many universities to perform the analysis.  Now, some private companies are developing new equipment and methods to reduce the result time to 24 hours or less, as well as handle thousands of  times more samples to be processed.

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