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Trump Afghanistan Speech Unveils New Strategy

President Donald J. Trump gave a 30-minute Afghanistan speech last night from Fort Myers. Addressing the nation, and an audience of military personnel, the President explained his plans for fighting terrorism in South Asia. For 16 years, the United States and many of our allies, have been battling terrorists in Afghanistan, making it the longest war in U.S. history. Shortly after taking office, President Trump directed the Defense Department and other agencies to review our strategy. Last night, he reported the results.




The President began with a nod to the recent violence and protests in America, calling for peace and unity. He then described his ′gut instinct′ when as a candidate for just simply pulling out of Afghanistan. President Trump then went one to explain that upon assuming office, and sitting in the ′Big Chair′, he knew that whatever decision he made would have to be well thought out. He revealed that he had changed his mind. That we cannot simply abandon Afghanistan and allow the Taliban and some 20 other terrorist groups take over.


President Trump made it clear that we will no longer be in the business of ′nation building′. That the people of Afghanistan will have to figure that one out for themselves. Sure, we′ll help where and when we can, but we will not impose any sort of government nor conditions upon them. The President then went on to tell the American people that our course of action in Afghanistan will be based on conditions on the ground. That our primary mission will be to kill terrorists. The President will leave it to the commanders in the field to advise him when they need more troops, resources and modifications to our rules of engagement.


If more troops are needed, then so be it. However, we will not advertise any amounts or time lines. When Barack Obama sent too few troops there in his surge, and then announced that those forces would be withdrawn after 15 months, the Taliban and other terrorists simply waited out the calendar. As a result, that surge failed and Afghanistan is in worse shape now than ever before.


The President will call on our allies to assist in both troops and money. He will also put more pressure on Pakistan to deal with the safe havens within their borders, and ask India to assume a greater role in the region. President Trump will use diplomatic and economic tactics to achieve these goals. This new strategy will give us a path forward to defeating extremists in the region. Just as he did when he spoke in Saudi Arabia, President Trump wants the local governments to play a larger role than before in Afghanistan. The speech last night was one of the most sober and somber ones given by President Donald Trump, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.


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