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Trump Address On Coronavirus Pandemic

President Donald Trump gave an Oval Office address to the nation about the Coronavirus outbreak.  The World Health Organization, WHO, declared today that the COVID-19 outbreak is now designated as being a pandemic.  What this means is that WHO considers it very likely that nearly all countries will have at least one, confirmed case of the Coronavirus.  As of today, some 114 nations have at least one case.  Worldwide, over 118,000 cases have been confirmed, the majority, over 88,000, have been in China.  In the United States, we now have over 1,100 cases confirmed, and at least 31 have died.  To prevent a serious outbreak in the United States, President Trump will suspend all flights from continental Europe for 30 days starting Friday.  There will be exceptions if US-bound passengers have been thoroughly screened.  


Trump will also begin a series of other actions to beef up our response to the outbreak, including economic assistance.  He also stated that other actions in the future may be taken as the situation changes.  President Trump also stressed that it is up to all citizens to practice good hygiene methods, such as washing hands, cleaning surfaces and practicing 'social distancing' if at risk.  Current travel restrictions to China, Italy, South Korea, and Japan may be altered, even lifted, once outbreaks there zero-out.  Trump's early ban on travel from China bought us extra time to prepare.  Many experts believe that the next few days may be crucial in determining how widespread the virus outbreak will impact the USA.

Across America, many local and state governments are canceling events and closing schools.  The NBA has just announced it will suspend the remainder of the season.  The NCAA basketball championships will also play without fans in the stands.  We can expect other sporting events to be cancelled.  Some businesses are having workers work from home if possible.  Some delivery services will no longer have direct contact with customers.  In New York States, the town of New Rochelle is being quarantined, enforced by the State National Guard.  Many large universities have suspended classes and are going Internet only.  Some communities have banned any gatherings of over 1,000 people.

The good news is that the weather is getting warmer, which will make the risk of becoming infected less.  Warmer, humid air makes it harder for germs to travel during coughs and sneezes.  The latest numbers show that about 80% of those who are infected never feel sick.  Only 1% of those infected die, and that number may decline as the numbers play out.  The average death is a person 80 years of age with prior, chronic health issues, such as diabetes, congested heart failure or lung disease.  The average age of those who get sick once infected is over 60, again, with pre-existing conditions.

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