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Thomas The Tank Engine Too Male

First we had Dr. Seuss being accused of racism. Now, Thomas the Tank Engine has been deemed as lacking ′gender diversity′ by Liberal-Progressive, social justice warriors. Yes, the beloved children′s TV series, ″Thomas & Friends″, will be undergoing some changes in its upcoming season to correct a perceived ′gender imbalance′. Critics claim that the series, based on the books started by Rev. Wilbert H Awdry in 1945, lacks females. Rev. Awdry wrote his stories originally to entertain his son, Christopher, who was sick with the measles. More that 40 books later and over a dozen versions of a TV series which began in 1983, ″Thomas & Friends″ will be adding two new female train characters. Nina, presumably an African train, and Rebecca, a yellow train presumably from China. The Mattel Corporation, which currently owns the rights to the franchise, has decided to update the series with the new characters.




This is not the first time ″Thomas & Friends″ has been accused of being too male dominated. In 1994 when Ted Turner′s Cartoon Network began airing new episodes, a couple of female characters were added. Two female motor cars were included in the cast, along with ′The Refreshment Lady′, who sold tea and such to passengers. However, this apparently has not satisfied the SJW crowd of the 21st Century. I can only imagine what they will demand next. Perhaps a transgender gay train who aborted his/her caboose.


The book series, known as ″The Railway Series″, is about a group of train engines on the fictional Island of Sodor. The locomotives were ′anthropomorphised′ with human qualities and illustrations were given human faces. Rev. Awdry wrote the first book, ″The Three Railway Engines″, published in 1945, and wrote another 25 books after that as the series grew in popularity. His son, Christopher, wrote 16 additional books of stories. Many of the stories came from personal experiences of the Rev. Awdry, teaching friendship, hard work and moral values. Later books often incorporated elements of the British Railway System, including labor disputes.


I have to say I was never a fan of ″Thomas & Friends″. My nautical side favored ″Theodore Tugboat″ instead. But it does not surprise me that Liberal-Progressive, Social Justice Warriors have decided to target the male trains. After attacks on Dr. Seuss, I can guess that ″Winnie The Pooh″ may be the next children′s icon to be assaulted for change. Especially with a movie on the origins of that classic character hitting theaters. We have been watching a steady march throughout our popular culture of attacking any male, fictional characters. The haters of the Far Left demand that men and boys be portrayed in the worst light possible. Of course, this just part of the larger goal to feminize males, including those of a religious nature, like God and Jesus Christ.


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