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Thomas Jefferson Statue Covered

On Tuesday night, a group of 100 people including Black Lives Matter gathered in front of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The Thomas Jefferson statue was covered by the group with a black shroud. A number of signs were placed on and around the statue, including one accusing Jefferson as being a racist and a rapist. The shroud was removed later and the president of UVA, Teresa A. Sullivan, issued a statement that the school opposes the covering of the school′s founder. Yes, Thomas Jefferson founded UVA, as well as helping found the United States of America.




This incident is just the latest in an ongoing drive by Far Left activists in a campaign attacking our nation′s history. Dozens of Civil War monuments have already been removed from public places. Now, the trend is increasing, adding more famous people from other historical periods. The Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the most hate-filled, Far-Left organizations in America, recently published a list of some 1,500 statues, memorials and even schools, which bare the names of ′offensive′ people.


Several cities are now considering removing statues of Christopher Columbus. New York City is even looking into doing something about Grant′s Tomb! While General Grant did defeat the Confederacy, accepting Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, Virginia, as president, Grant had a bad reputation when it comes to Native Indians. Abraham Lincoln is fairing no better as some of his statues have been desecrated, perhaps due to his wife being from a slave-owning family.


There has been plenty of chatter about taking action against Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and other Founding Fathers. So, it is only a matter of time before these foolish buffoons have their way and either remove, or alter monuments to such historical figures. Right out of George Orwell′s book, ″1984″, Liberal-Progressives seek to destroy history. This is a key element in the drive to destroy American culture. The long-term goal is to erase history, and the culture which goes with it, within the next generation or two. Thus, leaving a population ignorant of the past and reducing people to empty-headed dolts, easy to control and manipulate.


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