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The Grammys 2018 Ratings Flop

The early ratings numbers are in and it looks like the Grammy Awards for 2018 was a ratings flop! CBS did not have much competition, either. Viewership was down some 20% from 2017, where Adele was up against the mid-season return of AMC′s ″The Walking Dead″. Last night′s show was highly political, with numerous cheap shots at President Donald Trump. Only one woman won an award and the big winner was Bruno Mars, who stayed clear from politics. But, all in all, the show was yet more proof that America has had its fill of idiot, over-paid entertainers preaching.




I did not watch the Grammys. Frankly, I don′t think I ever have. Last night, I was tuned into PBS for the latest episode of ″Victoria″ on ″Masterpiece Theater″. Jenna Coleman, formerly one of the companions of ″Doctor Who″, returned for a second season of playing the British Queen whom dominated the 19th Century. Following that, PBS offered a fun documentary about Queen Elizabeth I and her secret spy service which went after Catholics and others bent on assassinating her. So, cheap skits of Hillary Clinton reading lies from dubious books had little to hope for up against quality entertainment.


America is getting fed up with sports athletes, singers, actors and actresses attacking President Trump. Such dribble may still play well for audiences in New York City, Washington DC and ′The Left Coast′, but for the rest of the country not so well. After the Trump tax cuts and reforms passed Congress, and his smashing success at the World Economic Forum, President Trump is riding high. His polling numbers are now near or even with those of Barack Obama as he left office. Tomorrow night, when the President gives his State of the Union address, that speech should help him surpass Obama′s favorable numbers.


The economy is certainly helping. In February, the tax cuts will start showing themselves in people′s paychecks. The stock markets are on fire with 401k earnings topping 25%. Unemployment rates are way down, especially for women and minorities. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at all-time lows while women are at the lowest levels in some 18 years. Between changes to our taxes and over 1,000 federal regulations eliminated, the economy under President Trump is in high gear.


At some point, the fools in Hollywood and elsewhere will realize that they are barking up the wrong tree in attacking President Trump. Mind you, I am not holding my breath for that day. For the Democratic Party, Trump-bashing is the only card they can play. But for the rest of America, a new dawn has already risen. The tide has turned and people are warming up more and more to President Donald Trump.


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