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Tainted Mueller Probe In Tatters

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) started a rumor this weekend that President Donald Trump was planning on firing Robert Muelller this week once Congress left Washington. This prompted a number of Obama and Hillary cronies to tweet on Twitter about stocking up on food and water as civil war would break out. Even the Fake News Media led off their Sunday shows on the subject. Returning from a weekend at Camp David, President Trump was questioned about this. He firmly declared he had no intentions of ever doing such a thing. Why should he? Robert Mueller and his Russia probe are self-destructing!




The tainted Mueller probe is in tatters, as we say. For all of its bluster, to date, it has failed to show that there was any collusion between the Trump campaign, or the transition team, with the Russian government. The four indictments issued have little to do with Russia or President Trump defeating Hillary Clinton by some imaginary, nefarious means. Two of the indictments were simple Article 1001 types of having misspoken to FBI agents during the investigation. The other two indictments are concerning business activities from years before the two suspects were even involved with Donald Trump.


Meanwhile, the Mueller probe has been shown to be extremely biased, top-heavy with Trump haters. Several of whom may have crossed the line of law and or ethics in their zeal. Between helping to cover up Hillary Clinton′s gross negligence in handling classified materials, to using a phony document paid for by the Clinton campaign to try and frame Trump, each passing day casts a larger shadow. Over the weekend, we learned that the Mueller probe had obtained thousands of emails from the GSA which had lent computers and smart phones to the Trump Transition Team. The Mueller probe did not seek a subpoena to seize these documents, nor did they notify Trump′s lawyers.


Now, on this latest outrage, the documents and equipment did belong to the General Services Administration, and were essentially public property. However, some of the emails obtained by Mueller′s probe may violate attorney-client privilege, as well as fall under the restrictions of private communications with the President. Matters well adjudicated in the courts. Indeed, the Trump Transition Team lawyers were expecting the Mueller probe to request those emails and had been sifting through them to weed out any which might require warrants and cause to obtain.


The Justice Department inspector generals are busy reviewing the actions by many in the DOJ and FBI, including those who have been or are still part of the Mueller probe. Several of those under investigation may very well face penalties, perhaps including dismissal or even criminal charges, once all is said and done. Robert Mueller, himself, may have to atone for why he did not decline the job of special counsel due to his own conflicts of interests in this case.


President Donald Trump does not have to lift a finger. Had even one minor infraction been discovered, the news would have been leaked long ago. The Mueller probe has been, by and large, a fishing expedition which has only snagged some weeds and an old boot. Its purpose and mission to restore confidence in our election system and institutions as actually backfired. The public has even less faith than they did before!


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