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Stormy Daniels 60 Minutes Interview

Yes, I was a sucker! I watched the Stormy Daniels ″60 Minutes″ interview. I am glad I did because it did change my mind on the alleged affair, against her! Before the interview, I believed that there probably was some sexual encounter. But, after hearing her story last night, I no longer buy it at all! President Donald Trump does not strike me as the type of man who would allow some young woman to spank him, especially with a copy of his own magazine! Another point was her story about the alleged ′physical threat′. What sort of mother would not go to the police, or even just some safe refuge, after being allegedly threatened by a man with her infant daughter present at the time? Instead, ′Stormy′ said she went to her fitness class. Give me a break!




Yes, they probably did meet at the golf event and I can see where he would have talked to her about appearing on ″The Apprentice″. Having her on certainly would have boosted ratings. However, given President Trump’s issues with hygiene, not to mention his fertility, I just do not see him having sex with a porn actress without using some form of protection. Her story does not add up and has little credibility.


With the proper precautions taken, I could see him having sex with. Under the right circumstances, what Alpha Male wouldn′t? Even some Beta Males might be so inclined as well. Donald Trump may have been a horny player back in his prime, but he is not stupid. You don′t see a whole long list of paternity suits proven by lab results. One of my old employers was married 5 times by the age of 40 and had some 13 children to his credit, including at least one by a non-wife. Even beyond the threat of procreation, the threat of disease, especially from a woman in a rather hazardous profession, would have necessitated extreme caution.


Here, again, one can expect some men to ′slip up′, probably from too much alcohol or narcotics. But Donald Trump is a teetotaler, possessing a clear, intelligent mind. Even if he didn′t have any protection on him at the time, he could have gotten some very quickly and discreetly from his entourage. My guess is that a woman like Stormy Daniels probably has a ready supply in her purse, too.


So, none of this adds up to me any longer. The Stormy Daniels ″60 Minutes″ interview blew whatever credibility she might have had down the drain. After paying off her lawyer and agent, she probably already spent whatever money she had received to remain silent. Now, she just obviously looking to cash in on her feeble story.


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