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Senate Agrees To Stimulus Plan

Early this morning at about 1:30am, the U.S. Senate reached an agreement on a $2 Trillion dollar stimulus plan.  The Coronavirus relief bill should be voted on later today, then move to the House of Representatives.  The $2 Trillion dollar package includes some $250 Billion for direct payments to most American adults of $1,200 each for those earning $75,000 or less.  Those earning up to $99,000 per year will get less.  A family of four should get about $3,400 in early April.  The bill stalled over the weekend when Senate Democrats tried to add other items into the package, such as $35 Million dollars for the Kennedy Center, tax rebates for wind and solar power, and other typical Liberal agenda stuff.  Nancy Pelosi then warned that she will put together an even worse bill in the House.  But public reaction to this nonsense seems to have had an affect.  


The Senate stimulus plan will provide about $100 Billion for hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Medium and small businesses will be able to tap into about $350 Billion dollars for loans to keep their companies afloat during the Coronavirus emergency.  Some specific industries, like airlines and hospitality will receive about $50 Billion in bailouts.  A reserve fund of between $350-$500 Billion will be available to meet other contingencies, including leveraging up to $4 Trillion dollars in loans from the Federal Reserve Bank.  Other money will go to states and local governments to aid them during the crisis.

The primary goal is to get relief to individuals and small businesses forced to shutdown during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Unemployment insurance benefits will be increased and extended for the next 6 months.  Loans to large corporations will be restricted under conditions not to fire employees.  The effort is to position our economy to spring back once the worst of the pandemic has passed.  The White House has set an initial date of Easter Sunday, about 18 days away, for beginning to end the national shutdown.  The date is flexible depending on what the situation is.  Some areas not effected will reopen while other places, like the New York City metropolitan area could remain under restrictions for longer.

Even once the economy reopens, people will be advised to continue practicing enhanced hygiene like minimizing contact, washing hands frequently, cleaning surfaces and other conditions.  The threat of the Coronavirus will not go away until an actual vaccine is perfected and thoroughly tested.  A process which could take upwards of 18 months.  Obviously, the nation cannot remain shutdown for that long.  The hope is that within the next few weeks to stem the spread while some effective therapies are developed.  Tests began yesterday on one such therapy involving a drug cocktail of Zpack antibiotics and the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine.  Other drugs are also being tested, as well as therapies involving high dosages of Vitamin C.  If one or more of these therapies prove to work at reducing the Coronavirus effects, that would help allow a return to normalcy.

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