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Second Amendment Under Attack

You just knew that following the Las Vegas shooting last Sunday, Democrats, the Fake News Media and academics would call for more gun laws to be passed. One writer for the New York Times, allegedly a ′conservative′, even thinks the time is right to do away with the Second Amendment. That there is no longer any justification for citizens to be armed. Baboons like Psycho Joe Scarborough think that hunters and sport shooters should store their firearms at a gun club, not kept in their personal possession. The hysteria from a few, isolated ′mass shooting events′, always bring out the Liberal-Progressive nut-jobs. Even when all of the historical data proves that more armed citizens lead towards a safer society.




Since the 1980s, FBI statistics show beyond any doubt that while gun ownership has increased by over 90%, gun-related homicides have declined around 48%. Other crimes, including rape, burglary and robbery, have also declined significantly in locations where gun laws allow citizens to bear arms. Lessons learned from major disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes, show that when police and other government resources are focused on matters other than protecting persons and property, private gun ownership is crucial. Cities, run mostly by Democrats like Chicago, where gun laws are very strict, have higher crime rates than the national average. The threats to the average citizen may have changed since the 18th Century, but the world is still a dangerous place.


The new calls to legislate bans on ′bump stocks′ are already pretty much futile. Thousands were sold prior to the Las Vegas shooting and sales have spiked this week. A ban now is ridiculous as anyone with access to a 3-D printer will be able to make one even if no manufacturer does so any longer. The truth is that since 1934, when laws restricting the ownership of fully automatic weapons were passed, only 3 crimes have ever been committed using such weapons. This, despite the fact that thousands of citizens own automatic weapons, even belt-fed machine guns, legally.


As the saying goes, guns do not kill, only people do. Had Stephen Paddock not had semi-automatic rifles equipped with bump stocks, he still could have caused just as much death, injuries and havoc. We know that his car parked outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Hotel was loaded with explosives. He even had quantities of explosives at his home, some 80 miles away in Mesquite, Nevada, which probably would have been easier for him to smuggle into his hotel suite that all of the firearms and ammunition found. Even with just one bolt-action rifle with a small, internal magazine, he could have still caused massive casualties. In the 10 minutes he was shooting, he could have gotten off about 300, well-aimed shots, probably killing more people than merely wounding. You still would have had many more injuries from trampling as the large crowd panicked.


While we still do not know his motivation, any expert will tell you that Stephen Paddock could have done a great deal more harm than he wound up doing. The folks at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival were lucky that a hotel security guard apparently spooked Paddock about 10 minutes into his rampage. Paddock shot the guard in the leg through his suite′s door when the guard approached it. After this, Paddock stopped shooting into the streets below his 32nd Floor position. He may have even killed himself immediately after shooting the security guard. The SWAT team did not breach the door and enter the suite for another 72 minutes. Just imagine the amount of carnage Paddock could have caused during that time.


There are no easy solutions to stopping violent crimes. Passing more gun laws will not have any effect. Trying to do away with the Second Amendment is a recipe for civil war. Even if repealed and gun confiscation went peacefully, the end result would be the obvious. Criminals, those who won′t follow any law, will still be armed with guns. Or anything else that they can use. We would have total anarchy on the streets, of which no police force could possibly deal with. Even in totalitarian regimes, people were still murdered or committed violent crimes. We tried legislating behavior before with Prohibition and it failed miserably. Private gun ownership may not stop all crime, but it reduce a considerable amount as people are able to defend themselves at the very moment they need to.


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