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Seattle Cops Chop CHOP

The Capitol Hill Organized Protest, CHOP, formerly known as CHAZ, has been expelled by Seattle police.  After the autonomous zone besieged several blocks around the city's 3rd Precinct building for some 3 weeks, city officials finally decided to take back their streets.  Much of this began after a Black Lives Matter protest demonstrated outside the home of Mayor Jenny Durkan.  Durkan, a Liberal Democrat, initially embraced the anarchist take over of the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  She even said it might become a "summer of love".  Instead, it turned into a hell hole of filth and violence.  Several deaths occurred recently, including 2 Black teens.  One was the 19-year old son of Horace Lorenzo Anderson, Sr.  For days, he has gotten little information about his son's murder from city officials.  Appearing on the Sean Hannity Show last night, Mr. Anderson finally saw police body camera video of the effort made to recover his son's body.


On Monday, Mayor Durkan gave police the green light to retake the neighborhood.  The Fake News Media has been ignoring the violence taking place in CHOP.  Most news coverage described the situation as a "festival".  A sort of art fair with music and poetry readings.  In reality, there was looting, extortion and even self-proclaimed warlords, like the rapper known as Razz Simone.  He was often seen roaming about carrying an assault rifle, claiming to be enforcing peace and order.  But, in the past 3 weeks, several people have been killed, others injured from dozens of assaults.  CHOP became a haven for drug dealers and users, as well as homeless and other social misfits.  Marxist leaders of protest groups, as well as Marxist radicals on the Seattle City Council, prevented any action to be taken by police to restore public safety.

Following protests at Durkan's residence, she changed her mind about the fun of CHOP.  Warnings were issued and police steadily reduced the autonomous zone, squeezing occupiers out.  The final push for retaking the last block about the 3rd Precinct Building began Wednesday morning at 5am Pacific Time.  Some 44 arrests were made as the last of the protesters were removed.  Now, the city is cleaning up the filthy mess left by the Lefties.  Apparently, for all of their bluster, they are an ecologically unsound bunch.  Despite their chatter, Black lives really do not matter to the protesters, nor any other form of life, either.

Meanwhile, across the country, Marxists in other cities are pushing their plans to defund and abolish police.  New York City Council voted to slash $1 Billion dollars from the NYPD's $6 Billion dollar annual budget.  Mayor De Blasio has already forced some 600 police officers, many from the city's Special Violent Crime Unit, to be reassigned.  In Los Angeles, $150 Million has been slashed, along with $25 Million from the city's school police.  In Minneapolis, ground zero in the latest wave of violence, the process has begun to radically alter their police department, with the goal to replace police  officers with social workers.  Most likely Marxist socialist workers.

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