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Sean Spicer Wrong, 2017 Emmy Awards Worst Ratings Ever

Hard to say if this is a case of ′How the mighty have fallen″ or ″how low will you go for your 30 pieces of silver″? Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer humiliated himself for a paycheck at the 2017 Emmy Awards. The 69th edition of the show had its worst TV ratings ever. Spicer appeared on stage after host Stephen Colbert asked what the ratings for the Emmys would be, since ratings matter to President Donald Trump. Spicer entered the stage with a podium and declared that the ratings would be the best ever. But, in fact, the ratings were awful. By some estimates the worst ever, or, at best, the second worst.




Some reports have the ratings some 2.4% worse than last year′s, the worst ever with just 11.3 million viewers. Other reports credit the 2017 Emmy Awards with 11.4 million viewers. One thing is certain, viewership of the key 25-53 demographic was the worst ever, down some 10% from last year. Some are attributing the decline to industry trends with fewer cable and satellite subscribers. But this argument doesn′t wash as the show was carried on CBS, a broadcast network. Others believe that the show′s political content is the reason, as viewers were turned off by all of the Trump bashing. Another explanation is that since the most popular series on television, ″Game Of Thrones″, was not up for any awards due to its late start in the season, millions of fans had no interest.


I did not watch the Emmy Awards. Why bother watching the real zombies, like Alec Baldwin, Stephen Colbert and Julia Louise Dreyfus when I could watch fictional zombies on ″Fear The Walking Dead″? At least the fictional zombies do not bore me as they do not talk. Zombies like Colbert and other celebrities are rather boring as they just keep repeating the same old crap.


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