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Schumer Ignorance

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been sleeping on the job.  During an interview yesterday morning, he called for the Trump administration to put a "military" leader in charge of the logistic fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.  Schumer claims that federal resources, like ventilators, are not being produced fast enough nor being distributed wisely.  Governor Andrew Coumo of New York State has been complaining about a lack of ventilators.  He has demanded that all 20,000 ventilators from federal stockpiles be sent to his state.  Even though there are other 'hot spots', like New Jersey, Michigan and Louisiana also in need of additional equipment and supplies.  But Schumer has been too distracted by trying to politicize the Coronavirus pandemic.  About two weeks ago, President Trump assigned Rear Admiral John Polowczyk, logistics expert for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, to the White House Coronavirus Response Task Force.  


Oops!  I guess Schumer was busy trying to stuff the Coronavirus relief bills with too much Democrat agenda pork.  Schumer is obviously clueless.  He should have checked his facts before going on television to mouth off.  He is not alone.  Pretty much every Democrat and TV media type is doing the same.  Just look at Joe Scarborough from MSNBC "Morning Joe".  He has been claiming that "we all knew from the very beginning" how dangerous the Coronavirus was.  Yet, just a simple review of his show shows otherwise.  Take March 10, for example, when NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio appeared on "Morning Joe".  At the time, there were already 25 COVID-19 cases in the Big Apple.  De Blasio pronounced that the Coronavirus was no more deadly than the common cold.  He encouraged New Yorkers to go to movies and restaurants.  To go ahead and mingle all they wanted.

Likewise, Gov. Coumo was issuing tweets on Twitter downplaying the need for any precautions as late as early March, too.  In late January, when President Trump declared a national health emergency and suspended air travel from China, South Korea and Japan, critics on CNN and MS'DNC' were calling the decision racist and xenophobic.  Trump even raised the issue of the Coronavirus outbreak during his State of the Union speech.  The same speech Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, tore up on camera in front of the entire nation.  Some critics accused Trump of using the pandemic to deflect from the impeachment trial.

The truth is that Trump was on the ball from the start while Democrats and the Fake News Media ignored the Coronavirus outbreak.  Even after the pandemic hit America in force, many anti-Trump critics sided with the Chinese propaganda mill, accusing the United States for causing the pandemic.  This while China continues to withhold crucial data and facts about how the outbreak started in China and what it really did.  Yesterday, Dr. Deborah Birx complained that China was not honest about how the virus is transmitted.  That the infection rates and methods are still unknown.

Schumer and the rest of the ignorant jerks need to either shut up or be supportive instead of being so negative.  It does nothing to help our national morale.  Nor to helping resolve the problems we face from the pandemic.  

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