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Schools Expand Adulting 101 Courses

It was bad enough when colleges and universities began holding Adulting 101 courses, teaching students how to change tires, sew buttons and balance a checkbook.  Now, high schools are joining in.  Madison Bloodgood of Torrington High School in Goshen County, Kansas launched a pilot program and now the county is expanding it to all high schools in their district. Bloodgood explains that the course is designed to make, "semi-functional adults".  Semi-functional, eh?  That is just what we need going to the polls and voting on major issues and or political office candidates.  Or having semi-functional adults sitting on juries.  Maybe that explains why Roger Stone was convicted on 7 counts of 'process crimes', allegedly lying to investigators.  He can thank semi-functional adults for spending the next 50 years in pris0n, if he lives that long! Bloodgood says that adulting courses are needed because students are so busy trying to learn other things, like socialism, multiculturalism, diversity studies and political correctness.  Or how to protest!

Yes, who can blame young students for not knowing basic skills needed in life?  Unionized public school teachers and left-wing radical professors are already busy brainwashing students to become future liberal zombies.  It would be a shame if they had to interrupt their agenda-based curriculums to teach anything useful in the Real World.  Doing so in high school might hinder college-bound prospects from getting into Berkley, Harvard, or Princeton.  Them, students would never be protected in safe spaces, free of intellectual thought and public debate.  

We cannot blame parents for failing to educate their children in basic skills needed for life.  After decades of progressive policies, bad trade deals and high tax rates, many families require both parents to work to make ends meet financially.  Even in those families where only one parent works, managing a hedge fund or writing software, the other spouse may be too busy volunteering to march on Washington to promote pro-choice or against gun ownership.  Parents are already too busy bribing college admission people or those who decide on athletic scholarships.   

In the past, young students were prepared for the Real World in a finishing school.  There, they would learn proper manners, social morals and etiquette.  Like knowing the difference between a tablespoon, used for hearty soups and stews, and a bullion spoon, for broths and thinner soups.  Back then, skills like sewing buttons or balancing checkbook were taught in home economic classes.  Students would also learn how to feed themselves, such as making scrambled eggs and pancakes.  One recent study showed that over 70% of Millennials did not know to scramble an egg!

With the average college now charging some $45,000 per year per student, one would hope that those students might now how to function as an adult when they graduate.  Sadly, this does not appear to be the case.  While an adulting 101 course may offer some correct failings of our education system, the goal of just creating semi-functional adults is a rather low fruit to reach for.  

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