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Rush Limbaugh Lung Cancer

Sad news, friends.  Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer.  El Rushbo made the announcement yesterday as he opened his radio broadcast.  He said that he was hesitant at first to make an announcement.  However, Limbaugh decided to share the news with his audience, given that he will be missing many days from his show as Rush undergoes treatment.  While the diagnosis is grim, if anyone can beat cancer, its Rush Limbaugh!  He made his deafness workable, amazing accomplishment for a radio talk show host.  I am certain that many of you will join me in offering our prayers and support to Rush Limbaugh and the whole EIB family during this new challenge.


I started listening to Rush Limbaugh the very first day his broadcast went national in the summer of 1988.  He had been a local talk radio host in California after a mixed career in radio and the sports industry.  I remember being in my backyard, working on my car that sunny day.  I had just been listening to my favorite talk radio host, Mark Scott, a local talker on WXYT 1270AM.  Scott was a fiery host, educating his audience on Ayn Rand and rational thinking.  His politics were rather Right Wing, though he held both Republican and Democrat politicians feet to the fire with equal veal.  Normally, I would have switched the radio over to an FM station after Mark Scott to hear some Rock & Roll.  But, I was busy changing oil, spark plugs, and air and oil filters.  So I did not change channels.  Lucky for me I didn't.

Rush Limbaugh came on and warned listeners that it would take about 6 weeks of listening to understand him.  It took me about 6 minutes, if that!  1988 was a fun year for politics.  George H. W. Bush was running against Michael Dukakis for the presidency.  I wound up voting for Andrea Moreau, the Libertarian candidate, who, I might add, was a regular guest on Mark Scott's show.  I wasn't worried about Dukakis winning.  That guy was a total joke, especially after his famous tank ride, wearing an oversized helmet.  

I suppose what attracted me to Limbaugh was his humor.  Rush proved beyond all doubt that non-Liberals have a sense of humor and are much funnier than Liberal comedians.  The Left, especially what I call the Far Left these days, are a humorless, angry bunch.  The whole 'Woke Movement' are insane with their anger.  So they are easy fodder for fun and amusement for somebody like Rush Limbaugh.  If anything, Riush is much funnier today than he was 30 years ago.  

Hard to believe that Rush Limbaugh has been at the EIB microphone now for over 31 years!  But so he has and Rush is a powerful force to be reckoned with.  There have been many attempts to smear him, boycott him and remove Limbaugh from the airways.  Needless to say, all have failed.  Even after his drug use became public knowledge, fans stuck with him.  Today, his audience numbers over 27 million people.  Along with his website and smart phone apps, Rush Limbaugh has adapted to the new world of technology and remains in the game.  Now, Rush Limbaugh must adapt some more having been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.  I have no doubt that he will.

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