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Rush Limbaugh Joins NFL Boycott

The king of Conservative talk radio, Rush Limbaugh, began his program yesterday with a startling admission. For the first time in his life, Rush chose not to watch any of the NFL games on TV Sunday. Not even his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, who played against the Chicago Bears. For some 26 years, Rush Limbaugh has dominated talk radio. He practically invented it, or, at least, fueled it to become a major force in American culture. During football season, Rush would often wax about ′The Game′, including his observations of what he watched over the weekend. On Fridays, he usually made his ′Politically-Correct-Wacko-Predictions′ were always amusing. However, this whole ′Take-A-Knee′ thing protesting against America during the National Anthem has soured ′The Game′ for Rush Limbaugh, along with millions of other football fans.




Rush made it quite clear that his love for NFL football had been a major part of his adult life. He even said yesterday that it was among his 5 favorite things in life. Limbaugh noted that this decision to deliberately not watch any NFL games on TV had long roots. For several years, he has been expressing his dissatisfaction with how ′The Game′ has been changing. He is not alone in this. Even President Donald Trump remarked about how professional football has been degraded by this age of political correctness.


On social media, many other football fans reacted very negatively towards the events of this past weekend, where over 200 players took a knee during the National Anthem. Many posted video of themselves burning their favorite team and player jerseys, or other fan items. The TV ratings showed that there was a significant drop in viewership, about 10% on average, on Sunday. The general attitude is that NFL football is suppose to be a form of entertainment, not a forum for preaching politics. Given how we have seen the lines between entertainment and news blur in movies and TV, the addition of sports was bound to happen.


Being from Detroit, I have no real ax to grind in this. The Detroit Lions suck! In my 58 years of existence, I have yet to see a single championship season! I have seen seasons, though, where fans would show up at games wearing brown paper bags over their heads due to the embarrassment. A good year for the Lions is when they play .500 football. The management and owners don′t seem to care since they make out fine with their equal share of TV revenue. Sounds like Socialism to me!


Perhaps that is what the actual message of this whole affair truly is? NFL football is by and large an exercise in Socialism. Not only do teams split TV revenue equally from their network contracts, thereby removing the incentive to excel, pretty much every franchise is highly dependent on public funds for stadiums and the infrastructure needed to operate. NFL football is just another example of Big Business colluding with Big Government, a recipe for Fascism or Socialism if you prefer.


Professional sports in general offers government something the Romans perfected, ′Bread and Circuses′. Need to distract The Mob? Bring on the gladiators! The triumph of Spectacle! Just look at the Olympics. Spectacle on a massive scale. All funded by tax dollars. College sports are not any better when you get down to brass tacks. Big Government funding Big Education for the benefit of Big Business. Supported by Big Labor to boot! Just try firing a teacher of professor when they burn a flag or stop students from praying to God. Some parts of the First Amendment are held in less regard than others.


I am glad that Rush Limbaugh has wised up and is now part of the NFL Boycott. Even if just for one day. I′m sure he found something else to do with his time. Me, I wasn′t planning on watching any football anyway, especially the stupid Lions. Instead, I partook of the SyFy Channel marathon of the 2005 version of ″Battlestar Galactica″. As the lady sings in one of my favorite You Tube videos..., ″Cos Baby you′re a Cylon! You used to live on Picon. Make them go Frak, Frak Frak, when you stab them in the back, back, back!″


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