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Robert Mueller Witch Hunt Probe Begins 2nd Year

This week marks the second year of the Robert Mueller witch hunt probe into Russian collusion. So far, the only proven collusion, aside from that done by the Hillary Clinton campaign, DNC and the FBI, seems to be with Robert Mueller, himself! He had been colluding with a Russian oligarch back when he was FBI Director to locate and free a former FBI agent in Iran. Meanwhile, we learned this week that one of the three Russian-owned companies indicted by Mueller did not exist during the 2016 election cycle. Concord Catering was created well after the elections, therefore was not meddling during the time frame specified in the grand jury indictment. This raises the question of what, exactly, the Mueller team has been telling the grand jury?




Some Republican members of Congress are now floating a proposed bill demanding a full accounting of what the Mueller probe has been doing during its first year? At the same time, others are still seeking access to documents which may prove that this whole Russian collusion allegation is just a myth. An excuse to cover up the probability that the FBI, DOJ, CIA and other government agencies were actively working against the Trump campaign and meddling with our election process.


To date, of the four Americans indicted by the Robert Mueller witch hunt probe, only one, that against George Papadopolous, has anything to do with Russian collusion. We are now learning more about how that charge may be phony as details of how Papadopolous was set up by those who may have been working on behalf of the FBI and DOJ. In this case, it does not even reach the level of other techniques used to trick would-be terrorists into plotting attacks by FBI informants and operatives.


The case against Paul Manafort had a minor set back yesterday when a known Liberal federal judge tossed out a defense motion to have the case dismissed. However, another judge is still deciding on whether to toss that case out for other reasons. Namely that the DOJ passed on indicting Manafort for the 15-year old charges because they were so flimsy. Yet, another federal judge is deciding on whether or not to toss out the guilty plea deal of Michael Flynn based on FBI 302 reports that they did not believe Flynn was lying to them.


So, after more than $20 Million dollars spent and a full year of Robert Mueller probing and investigating, he and his team have very little of substance to show for their efforts. A top official from Judicial Watch told Lou Dobbs last night on the Fox Business Network that the Mueller probe is not a legal investigation but actually a politically motivated ′soft coup′ meant to oust President Donald Trump from office. Given what we have seen so far from Robert Mueller, this appears to be an apt description. The question before us now is how much longer do we tolerate this nonsense?


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