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Rioters Burn Essential Businesses

Riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota intensified Thursday night.  Local police retreated from the 3rd Precinct, allowing rioters to trash the building.  So far, some 170 businesses have been looted or destroyed by protesters of the George Floyd death.  Floyd was killed on Monday when he was arrested by police after trying to pass a forged $20 bill at a local store.  For some reason, he was removed from the back seat of the police car he was sitting in, handcuffed.  Minneapolis Police Officer Dereck Chauvin then began kneeling on the back of Floyd's neck as Floyd was face-down on the street.  Chauvin pinned Floyd down for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, despite Floyd pleading to stand up and shouting, "I can't breath!"  Three other officers were present while this brutal torture went on.  Even after another officer informed Chauvin that he could not find a pulse on Floyd, Chauvin continued to kneel on the back on Floyd's neck for another 2 minutes and 53 seconds.  So, you may think that the title of my article is a tad flippen.  


There is no doubt in my mind, after seeing the video, that this is a true case of police brutality.  I may not know all of the facts, but I cannot imagine any defense existing for the actions of the police in this case.  However, despite the horrific death of George Floyd, there is no excuse for rioting.  Looting and burning stores or damaging property does not help the cause of justice.  Unfortunately, there are some who take advantage to cause mayhem for their own objectives.  Stealing a pallet of 4K TVs does nothing for getting justice for the Floyd family and the community.  Nor does burning down a liquor store.

Protests over the Floyd murder, and it was a murder whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree, erupted nationwide, with violence occurring in nearly every scene.  There were even shootings at some protests by rioters.  In Minneapolis and St. Paul, city officials dropped the ball in dealing with the situation.  Now, the Governor of Minnesota has taken over the response, deploying state police and the National Guard.  As I write this, the curfew is approaching while crowds continue to roam the streets, taunting police and guardsmen.  News from Atlanta shows a mob attacking the CNN building and assaulting a convoy of Atlanta police cars dispatched to the scene.  Some rioters are using steel barriers to smash the windshields of the cop cars.  

Meanwhile, the wheels of justice are turning.  Prosecutors have formally charged Dereck Chauvin with manslaughter.  Murder in the 3rd degree does have a potential sentence of 25 years in Minnesota.  While protesters may not be happy, this is a record-fast arrest for a police officer charged with such brutality.  Typically, it could take 6 to 9 months before prosecutors might file charges.  As for the other three officers who stood by, charges against them are expected in the near future.  Burning down neighborhoods will not speed up the process.  The riots in Minneapolis and St. Paul are not helping to achieve justice for the death of George Floyd.  The end result is to destroy neighborhoods, which often take 10 years or longer to recover from a few nights of anger.

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