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Preparing For Hurricane Harvey

Texas is bracing itself from Hurricane Harvey. This may be the first major storm in 2017 to hit the United States this season. America has not had a Category 3 or worse storm in a dozen years since Wilma. The latest advisory information is that Hurricane Harvey is at a Cat 2 level with sustained wind speeds of 105MPH and gusts of 130MPH. It is expected to intensify over the next 12 to 24 hours into a Cat 3 storm before slamming into coast, probably between the mouth of the Rio Grande to Port Mansfield, Texas. Aside from the wind and storm surge, major flooding may occur due to a prolonged period of heavy rain. Some areas of Eastern Texas could get 35 inches or more of rain over the next 3 days.




Part of the problem with Hurricane Harvey is that there are two high pressure domes over New Mexico and Florida. The effect of these weather fronts is that Harvey will not move much for several days after making landfall. The area between Corpus Christi and Houston is under a severe flood warning from this potential deluge of rain. The National Weather Service and NOAA′s Hurricane Watch Center are issuing warnings to residents about Harvey and the potential flooding.


If you are in that region of Texas, you should evacuate now while there is still time and the roads are in good shape. To leave later, during the storm, could be more dangerous than staying put, provided you are someplace high enough. Between the high winds, the storm surge and excessive rain, flood levels could reach heights well over 6 feet. Even being in a two-story building may not be high enough in some locations. So get out of the area if possible as soon as you can!


Needless to say, if you are planning to sit out Hurricane Harvey, you better have enough food and water to survive for several days. If things get really bad, it could be a week before rescue arrives or the flood waters recede. Extra batteries for lights and radio are a must. Unplug all appliances and shut off your gas lines, too! Any important documents should be stored in a waterproof, plastic bag, such as a zip-type, and then kept handy in a lockable box. Be sure and recharge all cell phones and other communication devices before the storm hits.


If you are in Eastern Texas near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, stay tuned to your local news for updates on the approach of Hurricane Harvey. Evacuate and plan to stay further inland for several days, even a week or more. If you must stay, use what time you have left to prepare for the worst. Hopefully, Hurricane Harvey will not be as bad as the experts say, but take heed to their predictions. This could be one of the worst storms in a generation due to conditions beyond our control.


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