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Paul Krugman Wins Trump Fake News Awards

Pseudo-Economist and New York Times contributor Paul ′Enron′ Krugman won 1st Place in the first Fake News Awards by President Donald Trump. Eleven awards were announced last night by the President, crashing the website as people scrambled for the results. The NY Times won 2 spots on the list with Krugman taking Number One for his 2016 election prediction. Krugman believed that had then Candidate Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the stock markets would crash and NEVER recover! How fitting that he won the Fake News Award contest the very day the Dow Jones finished over 26,000 for the first time. Also breaking another record for the fastest 1,000-point gain in just 8 trading days! The gain from 24,000 to 25,000 had also broken the previous record by increasing in just 23 days.




CNN won the most Fake News Awards, 4 in all, making it the most fake news service. ABC New, the Washington Post, Newsweek and TIME magazine each won one Fake News Award. Finishing the list, the 11th place winner was general to all news agencies on the matter of the Russian collusion story. Here is a complete rundown on all of the ′winners′:


1st Place – Paul Krugman of the New York Times for a Fake News economic forecast that the stock market would crash and never recover had Donald Trump won the 2016 election.


2nd Place – ABC News Brian Ross for his Fake News story about Michael Flynn which sent the Dow Jones plummeting for about 20 minutes until corrections began to be reported.


3rd Place – CNN for falsely reporting the Candidate Trump and his son Don Jr. had access to WikiLeaks emails hacked from the DNC.


4th Place – TIME magazine for falsely reporting that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr had been removed from the Oval Office.


5th Place – Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel posted a picture of an empty Trump rally venue which had been taken hours before people were allowed inside.


6th Place – CNN posting an edited video of President Trump feeding Kobi fish, in reality, our President was just doing what the Japanese Prime Minister had already done.


7th Place – CNN for its Fake News story about Anthony Scaramucci visited with Russian officials.


8th Place – Newsweek for the Fake News story about how President Trump did not shake hands with the wife of the President of Poland during a state visit in Warsaw.


9th Place – CNN for its Fake News that James Comey would not confirm the claim by President Trump that the former FBI Director told him he was not under any criminal investigation.


10th Place – The New York Times for falsely reporting that the Trump administration had hidden a climate report.


11th Place – The whole Fake News storyline about the Trump campaign and Russian collusion. The entire news industry is at fault for continuing to lie to the American People about this.


Some think that President Donald Trump has stepped over a line in challenging the news media. Arizona senators Jeff Flake and John McCain believe that this is dangerous to democracy. Flake even compares our President with dictators like Joseph Stalin. But the truth is that the news media is the group endangering democracy by spreading lies. About 90% of the coverage by some TV networks is nothing but negative stories about President Trump. Many extraordinarily outlandish in their nature and content.


Where were Jeff Flake and John McCain when Barack Obama was throwing journalists in jail? Using government agencies to spy and harass journalists and their families? Or Obama going to baseball games with real, murderous dictators? They nor CNN or the rest of the Fake News Media ignored all of that. Just as they are today ignoring all of the great news of successes by the Trump administration. Yet, President Donald Trump, while not happy about the highly biased coverage against him, counter-punches in a friendly, humorous way with the Fake News Media. He is the most media-savvy President in history and is having fun with them. His administration is about the most transparent one we have had in decades, if not more than 100 years. You would have to go back to Coolidge or Teddy Roosevelt for more openness and accessibility.


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