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Opening Up America Again

President Donald J. Trump announced his plan to reopen the American economy.  Its a 3-Phase plan that first starts with a Gateway.  Once a state, or a county, demonstrates that it meets the gateway criteria, that community may begin to reopen with Phase 1.  The gateway criteria depends heavily on trends.  Once a state or county shows that it has two weeks of continuous declining numbers of new cases, deaths and hospitalizations, and has adequate testing for several key groups of citizens, Phase 1 may begin.  Phase 1 is basically what we have now in terms of social distancing and hygiene guidelines.  It does allow businesses to reopen provided they continue current mitigation practices, such as keeping interpersonal contacts down to 10 people or less.  This includes sit-down dining at restaurants and other businesses currently considered 'non-essential'.


If, after at least 14 days, there are no major spikes in new COVID-19 cases, states and counties may ramp up to Phase 2.  In this phase, schools, camps and daycare centers are reopened.  Crowd size is increased from 10 people to 50.  However, nursing home and hospital visits are still prohibited.  After at least 14 days of no spikes, no new outbreaks, then Phase 3 may begin.  Everything is back to normal with two exceptions.  People should still be careful when visiting 'the vulnerable'.   The elderly or those with chronic heart and lung issues, or diabetes or compromised immune systems, such as from cancer treatments.  Businesses should still be extra careful with sanitation practices and tougher on employees who come to work sick.  

Many states already qualify for Phase 1.  Even more states have substantial numbers of counties which qualify.  For example, in New York State, only about 5 counties, in and around NYC, fail to meet the gateway criteria.  The rest could probably reopen as early as tomorrow!  Or certainly within the next few weeks.  In Michigan, where citizens demonstrated against the tyrannical restrictions ordered by Governor Gretchen 'Dimwit' Whitmer, the vast majority of COVID-19 cases and deaths are likewise centered in about 5-6 counties in and around the Greater Detroit area.  

President Trump let everyone know during his White House briefing today that the bulk of the responsibility for reopening is on the shoulders of the state governors.  Trump will have 'total authority' in overseeing the progress of the states, helping out when needed with supplies and equipment.  Much the same as has been the case with testing.  That has always been run by the states, or local public health officials.  The federal government functions mainly in providing the tests to the state and local health departments.  In fact, it was announced today that America has now surpassed South Korea in testing citizens per capita, with more than 3.5 Million tested.  All in about half the time it took South Korea to reach this level.

There is no doubt that there will be new cases of Coronavirus as we reopen the economy.  Seriously, we will have new cases anyway of we do not reopen, as there is still 6-10% of the population not practicing good hygiene nor social distancing.  But, in states that have few problems presently, they will be able to monitor new cases quickly and track down any possible infected who need to be quarantined.  So any new outbreaks can be contained and minimized.  We have plenty of ventilators and tons of masks and PPE gear being manufactured.  We have plenty of tests, too, including a new saliva test being ramped up for deployment.  There are currently some three dozen vaccines being developed, some are already undergoing initial testing.  Larger human tests should begin in June and July for many.  There are now about 100 therapy studies underway involving various drugs and anti-viral techniques.  Such as convalescent plasma, utilizing antibodies from those COVID-19 patients who recovered from its effects.  There are also several large-scale tests on the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine.  Here in the Detroit area, the Henry Ford Hospital system has begun such a test involving 3,000 patients.  Much to the chagrin of Governor Dimwit, who earlier prohibited doctors from issuing the drug off label, despite successes reported in France and the fact that hydroxychloroquine was effective with other Coronaviruses, SARS and MERS, as well as lupus, Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

So, there is little doubt that we have a handle on COVID-19.  Reopening the economy is essential.  These idiots who want to keep things shutdown for months, even years until a vaccine is mass produced, are just plain lunatics.  President Trump is correct in that we do not want a situation where the cure is worse than the disease.  Historically, suicides increase 1% for each increase of 1% in the unemployment rate.  Alcohol and drug abuse rise about 3% for every 1% increase in unemployment.  Then there is just simple, national morale.  Humans are social beings.  Spring is here and people want to get out and about.  Very few of us live in cozy mansions with industrial-sized freezers full of $13 a pint ice cream, like Nancy Pelosi does.  This pause has been long enough.  It bought us time to get a handle on COVID-19.  We can now treat it and can beat it.  This is AMERICA!!!  AND WE DON'T FUCK AROUND!!!

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