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Oops, 5 Months Of FBI Text Messages Missing

Here′s a hot story! Seems that the FBI lost some 5 months worth of text messages between Special Agent Peter Strzok and his mistress, Lisa Page. She worked as legal advisor to Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The 5 months begin on December 17, 2016, just two days after Barack Obama made it official that the Trump campaign and transition teams were being investigated for alleged collusion with the Russians. The ′gap′ ends on May 17, 2017, just one day after Robert Mueller is appointed Special Counsel, and Peter Strzok goes to work under him. Attorney General Jeff Sessions also has announced that some 50,000 text messages have been uncovered, not just 10,000, between Strzok and Page during the 2-year period beginning with the Hillary Clinton email probe, which Strzok led as lead investigator.




Well hot damn! The DOJ released another batch of 400 text messages on Friday evening. One exchange between Strzok and Page on July 1, 2016, seems to indicate that former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, knew in advance that Hillary Clinton would be exonerated from any criminal charges on the mishandling of classified material. Hillary was not interviewed by the FBI, and Strzok, until the very next day! Page and Strzok also commented on the ″bad timing″ when the public learned about the not-so secret meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport. In another exchange, Strzok and Page ponder on how a meeting took place which they described as the first for a ″secret society″, presumably consisting of themselves along with other officials within the FBI and possibly the DOJ.


Even without those missing 5 months, it seems that the two ′love birds′ were texting each other at a rate of some 65 or so per day! The official excuse for how the 5 months worth are missing is that there were technical issues due to changes in software and equipment. Yeah, RIGHT! Like hammers smashing SIMM cards? Many experts believe that the missing text messages will be recovered from the service provider, or perhaps even from the Samsung phones themselves, if federal marshals are able to secure them from the FBI in time before they are destroyed. Of special interest would be texts from around January 17, 2017, when Peter Strzok led the interview with former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Also of curious coincidence is that those 5 months were during the most active period of the leaking of information to the press on the alleged Trump-Russia collusion probe.


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