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NY Gov Coumo Greed, Stupidity

New York Governor Andrew Coumo is getting greedy for ventilators.  He wants the federal government to send all 20,000 from our national stockpile to his state immediately.  Forget the rest of the states whose governors are also begging for more of everything.  Coumo seems to think that only New York deserves to live and survive the Coronavirus pandemic.  FEMA has already tapped some 3,000 HHS ventilators from the emergency stockpile and shipped them to several states.  New York City, alone, got 400 of those, with 1,600 to the rest of the state.  An additional 2,000 will be going to NY today.  The Army Corps of Engineers has already deployed to New York State to repurpose four large buildings into make-shift hospitals.  The US Navy is also preparing to send one of its two hospital ships to NYC.  Some 600 military doctors, nurses and medical technicians are also deployed to NY state.  But Coumo is greedy for more.


During his daily press conference today, Coumo lashed out at the Trump administration for not yet utilizing the Defense Production Act to force companies to manufacture more ventilators.  Coumo wants Trump to order such immediately and demand that companies crank out 30,000 ventilators with the next 21 days just for his state.  Naturally, Coumo says that he'll send the ventilators to other locations once he no longer needs them. Yeah, right! Like other states will hold off any increases in cases while New York suffers alone. The rate of the increase in confirmed cases of the Coronavirus is expected to double every three days for the next few weeks in New York.  A situation which will overload hospitals within days.

Coumo is an absolute idiot to imagine that we can simply will an extra 30,000 ventilators suddenly.  Now, it is true that Trump has not yet had to force an increase in production as companies are coming forward, offering to make more ventilators, masks, and protective gowns.  Ford Motor Company is already working with 3M to make more N95 face masks and with GE to make more ventilators.  GM and Tesla have offered to manufacture more ventilators.  But, it could take months to retool such production.  Plus, building medical equipment requires a high degree of sterile facilities.  Elon Musk's SpaceX facilities are probably already close to achieving such standards. But mass producing ventilators in 14-21 days is simply fantasy.  

The good news is that Ford is now making more protective gear, like face masks and shields.  They are also developing a portable air sterilizer worn by medical personnel as part of their garments.  Trump has had the FDA expedite allowing for testing the experimentation of the hydroxychloroquine-Zpack drug therapy.  New York is part of this process beginning today.  Some research in other countries show much promise in this therapy, involving some 21 doses over a 7 day period.  Results are good when the therapy starts immediately after symptoms begin before a patient needs a ventilator.  Some patients who were on ventilators recovered after being given the drug cocktail.

Another therapy involves using plasma from those people who have had the Coronavirus and recovered.  An antibody test is being developed for identifying such people with a built up immunity.  This offers much promise, especially for immunizing healthcare workers who are at high risk.  So, even without utilizing the Defense Production Act, a great deal is being done to fast track needed equipment and developing therapies quickly.  A new self-swab test for the Coronavirus will also begin being distributed this week. So, Gov Coumo should not be complaining.  All that can be done is being done at record speed.  Indeed, it took Barack Obama some 6 months to declare a national health crisis during a swine flu outbreak in 2014 which infected some 50 Million Americans and killed over 17,000 citizens.  Trump made his declaration within days after China admitted to having a Coronavirus outbreak to the world.

No doubt, New York is hard hit by the Coronavirus.  Many were infected from those traveling from Europe before air travel from there was restricted.  It did not help matters when the leaders of NYC, including the city's top public health official, encouraged people to attend Chinese New Years celebrations in the Big Apple.  Primarily doing so for political reason, criticizing Trump's ban on China travel as racist and xenophobic.  Much like that of the mayor of Florence, Italy did.  Now, Italy has surpassed China in infections and have a death rate more than twice as worse as China had.  More than 9% of infected in Italy are dying.  The average in America is about 1.3%, far lower than China's 4% death rate.  About half of all infections and deaths in the United States are in New York State.  If you look at all of the worst 5 states, they are all run by Democrat governors and the worst 4 have Democrat state legislators. Why is Trump being blamed for their failures? 

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