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No More Oscars For Harvey Weintein

Harvey Weinstein will be persona non grata at the next Oscars ceremony. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has given Harvey the proverbial boot. This comes as some 3 dozen women have come forward with accusations of alleged sexual misconduct, including 3 accusing him of rape. Several police departments are investigating those charges.  Weinstein and his lawyers deny any allegations of non-consensual sex. TMZ reported a few days ago that his contract with the company he co-founded allegedly had a clause for any sexual misconduct situations. The TMZ report said that so long as Harvey paid any settlements himself, and paid the company a ′progressive′ fine, he could keep his job as head of the company. However, the company fired him last week, though Weintsein may file a lawsuit to be reinstated.



Hollywood is shaking in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations. Others are being implicated in having knowledge of his alleged misconduct or even of helping to cover it up. Other actors and producers are also be accused of alleged sexual harassment. And its not just women making such claims as a number of male actors are also speaking out now about being harassed sexually. Some are even going back to incidents they claimed happened when they were children, raising the spectre of pedophilia.


None of this should come as any surprise. The general consensus a century ago was that any woman who pursued a career on stage or on the silver screen was a ′fallen woman′. Actresses were considered no better than prostitutes in many circles. The legend of the ′casting couch′ is an old one, and not restricted to the entertainment industry. In pretty much every industry, getting hired or advancement was often the case of a woman being required to perform a sexual service to those in power over her.

In recent decades, there has been changes in the workplace regarding such behavior. Human Resource departments in larger companies have become a firewall against workplace misconduct. Lawsuits and other legal actions in the past 30 years or so have had an effect in reducing sexual harassment. Especially as the 21st Century began, the dynamics of the workplace environment has started to swing in favor of women. More and more men are adopting the old adage of ′Not dipping your pen in the company ink.″


Hollywood may be a different kettle of fish as there is more emphasis on casting based on appearances rather than just skill and talent. With the end of the ″Studio System′, getting high-paying jobs that are literal life-changing events is more restricted. One would think that with so many channels on television now, along with other mediums like the Internet, there are more opportunities now than ever before. But the culture is still largely based on the superficial and sexuality is a currency to many.


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