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No Liberal Civility Yet

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/9/2018


Hillary Clinton said that civility would return if the Democrats won back the House of Representatives. They did so Tuesday, yet, Liberals are still not very civil. On the Fake News Media, they are still tagging President Trump with untruths and foul names. We saw an example of their rudeness by CNN′s Jim Acosta once again at a White House press conference the President gave on Wednesday. Acosta even brushed aside an intern whose job it was to hand the microphone to another reporter. President Trump called Acosta out on this rude behavior. But the worst example of Liberal incivility happened to Tucker Carlson of Fox News.




Wednesday night, a mob of hooligans from the Antifa group, DC Smash Racism, assaulted the home of Carlson. Tucker was at work when the mob showed up on the front yard and began chanting insults. They also banged at his front door and shouted out threats of pipe bombs. Tucker′s wife hid in the kitchen pantry as she called the police and others for help. The group had posted the addresses of Tucker′s home, along with his brother, friends, and even doxxed Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter, too, on Twitter. Only after complaints were made did Twitter suspend the group′s account.


To be fair, CNN′s Don Lemon was also threatened and police arrested a man. Police are also investigating the assault on Carlson′s home as a hate crime. The incident was widely condemned by media people of all political stripes. CNN and other news organizations, including Fox News, have criticized the White House for suspending Jim Acosta′s ′hard pass′. For the time being, Acosta will not be allowed to attend press conferences.


We have witnessed a steady growth of incivility over the past two years on political people. Elected and appointed Republicans have been the target of the bulk of these attacks. Nearly 700 such incidents have occurred. Antifa has been getting more violent over the past years. Recently, they spread terror on the streets of Portland, Oregon. For the most part, police in cities and at college campuses have allowed Antifa to run amok without many consequences. Hopefully, those involved in the assault on Tucker Carlson′s home will be arrested and tried. Maybe if a few get tossed into jail, the rest will simmer down? But, I doubt it!


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