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No Apology From Fake NBC News

NBC News reported yesterday that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had threatened to resign last summer. The story went on to claim that Vice President Mike Pence had to intervene. NBC News even claimed that at one point, Tillerson had referred to President Donald Trump as a ″moron″. Tillerson held a quick press conference stating that the NBC News story was completely false. That he had never ever considered resigning. Tillerson then went on to praise President Trump, citing several points. Vice President Pence also issued a statement verifying that the NBC News story is false. President Trump later tweeted on Twitter that NBC News should issue an apology to the American people for reporting ″#FakeNews″.




No apology, however, has emerged. In fact, NBC News appears to be doubling down, much like the Islamic State doubling down on their claim that Stephen Paddock had recently converted to Islam before carrying out his shooting rampage in Las Vegas. I even bothered to watch a bit of Psycho Joe Scarborough this morning. While his squeeze-box, Crazy Mika Brzezinski was absent, Joe offered no retraction. In fact, he and his panel of liars continued promoting the fake news story.


I really did not expect them to issue an apology. NBC News has been one of the worst offenders when it comes to fake news for decades. They once even went as far to stage an explosion of a truck for a story. They are nearly as bad as CNN, the difference is barely visible. MSNBC is barely a news channel, filling much of its late night and weekend time slots with infomercials on making big bucks in real estate or reality prison shows.


Obviously, there is no shame at NBC News. They are a corrupt, vile organization, full of hate and venom. Their on-air personalities are a collection of disloyal Americans. They have no problem lying to the American people, even when their lies are exposed. Perhaps their sponsors should be enlightened as to this? I am not advocating organizing a boycott, but should one begin, such a boycott would have my support.


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The Media have no shame! They report to each other not the viewing public.

Remember when we were children and we would be punished for lying? Now these suppose adults do not care or were never taught golden rules. They have no conscious, just useful idiots, who follow orders from the left ruling class.

These silly idiots actually think the viewing public believe them. They are fooling themselves.

NBC isn't the only one who should issue apologies, add in CBS, MSNBC, and of course CNN


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