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NFL Caves On National Anthem

The NFL owners and players association held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the National Anthem issue. Actually, two meetings as one was held in the morning between a smaller group of owners and players. The result of these discussions appears to be that no action will be taken by the sports league against players who disrespect the National Anthem, the American flag, and our nation. The ′Take-A-Knee′ protests will most likely continue. This, despite growing public outrage as fans boycott games on TV and in person.




Ratings from this week′s ″Monday Night Football″ game were the lowest so far this season. On an average, TV viewership has dropped 8% nationwide. In some markets, viewership is even worse. Los Angeles, the second largest market in America, even a smaller, interim stadium for their NFL team could not be filled. The L.A. Rams barely have 30% of the TV viewership as local college teams do.


Outside of the NFL meeting, protesters from Black Lives Matter chanted slogans like, ″Take a knee against White Supremacy″. Clearly, this whole affair is not just about alleged police brutality. Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, was confronted by protesters outside the meeting. He was ridiculed for call for players to respect the National Anthem and for being friends with President Donald Trump.


I am not surprised that the NFL is choosing not to penalize players. That even the loss of fans and revenue is not enough to convince owners to do what is correct. We have seen this self-destructive behavior in many other industries in recent years. Companies kowtowing to political correctness and continuing to do so as profit margins shrink. Perhaps the most recent evidence of this is the lack luster box office of Hollywood. More and more movies are losing money for film companies as they disregard large segments of their audiences which believe in God and patriotism.


General Electric, once one of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world, has been steadily losing money as they adopt Liberal policies, especially on renewable energy, climate change and ′going green′. Their stock has become so devalued that the corporation is facing being taken over. GE led the way for Progressive, Liberal views as they had once owned NBC-Universal, which now belongs to Comcast. Comcast is no better as they are also seeing a decline in viewership as more and more people discontinue their cable service.


Liberalism is bad for business! Its bad for nations! Venezuela is a prime example as they face political chaos from their Socialism. Their economy is in ruins with inflation and commodity shortages. Their government is forced to become even more repressive, killing protesters in the streets and holding sham elections. The NFL was once the top sports organization in America. It has now sunk to third place and will continue to slide further as they allow Liberals to dominate them.


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