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New York Dumb

New York Governor Andrew Coumo likes to end his daily press conferences with his, "New York Tough" slogan.  New York Tough is NY Smart, even NY loving.  So why is it that Coumo and NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio are so dumb?  One might even say, 'New York Dumb'!  Like Cosmo Kramer dumb!  Just look at how these two fools have bungled the Coronavirus outbreak.  Both encouraged their citizens to mingle in crowds even though the COVID-19 virus was beginning to run amok in their populations.  Both also left their citizens lacking in supplies and equipment needed to resist the epidemic.  De Blasio and Coumo even helped cause some 3,500 nursing home deaths by requiring said facilities to accept infected patients.  Then, Coumo tells his unemployed citizens that if they want jobs to become essential workers.  How cold blooded is that?


There is more!  Much more!  Now these two fools want to start private armies of snitches, to spy on citizens.  Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is even willing to fund this scheme.  The so-called, 'tracing army' is to track down Coronavirus contacts who had mingled with confirmed, infected patients.  A laudable and necessary need.  But who is to say if that is all they will do?  De Blasio recently started a tip line where people can text and post pictures of people violating the social distancing rules.  People reacted to the rat line by flooding it with porn, mostly pictures of penises.  Many bear a resemblance to De Blasio!

Back in 2006, a health department study informed then Mayor Bloomberg that the Big Apple was short thousands of ventilators should a major flu epidemic arise.  Bloomberg had the city buy only 500.  These were kept in a warehouse until 2018, when De Blasio auctioned them off.  Not all that different than a 2015 study informing Gov. Coumo that the state was shy some 15,700 ventilators.  Coumo took no action at all buying no extra ventilators.  When they need did arise, Coumo threatened to send the state national guard to steal ventilators and other medical supplies from anyone whom may have had some.  He also chided President Trump to send New York the nation's entire stockpile of ventilators and other goods.  Turns out Coumo didn't actually need them all.

The decision to force nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients was perhaps the worst one made during this pandemic.  Residents of nursing homes are the most vulnerable.  One in five deaths in New York State, which led the nation, were from nursing home residents, infected by Coronavirus patients.  This was like putting a fox in the hen house.  The result being lots of dead chickens.  Naturally, the Fake News Media has given both Coumo and De Blasio a pass on the deaths and misery they have caused.  They love to attack President Trump, first for over reacting, then for reacting too little, too late.  On CNN and MSNBC, Fake News hosts even accuse Trump of having blood on his hands.  

Coumo and De Blasio, even Bloomberg, have blood on their hands.  They are the ones who failed to prepare for an inevitable epidemic.  There has been plenty of warnings that we were going to have such sooner than later.  Even after recent scares of H1N1, Swine flu, Bird flu, SARS, MERS and Ebola.  This business with the tracing army may be the worst yet.  Some are saying that people should carry documents or wear a bracelet proving they are vaccinated or have immunity before being allowed to return to work.  Maybe a better use of the tracing army is to track down those 1.5 Million Chinese who took international flights from Hubei Province and Wuhan City before travel bans began?  Then, maybe, we will learn the true nature of how this Coronavirus pandemic actually started?

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