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Nancy Pelosi Says Border Wall Too Tall, Obnoxious

Nancy Pelosi is at it again. Every time she opens her mouth, more lunacy spills out! Her latest gem is that Nancy Pelosi thinks that the border wall prototypes are too high and obnoxious. I suppose she wishes they were only 12 feet tall with a pretty paint job and brass handles for climbing over it? Nancy Pelosi is as nutty as a fruit cake and getting worse by the month!




Like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi is a major embarrassment to the Democratic Party. More and more Democrats wish both would just go away and shut up! Between Hillary calling half the country backward an deplorable, full of married white women whom have no minds of their own, and Nancy Pelosi telling poor and middle class workers that $1,000 are just crumbs, Democrats may be in for a rude surprise in November.


President Donald Trump is on a roll! The economy is steadily improving with more Americans working and taking home more money. He is even getting more nations, both allies and enemies, to dance to our tune. President Trump appears to be unstoppable, a human dynamo of rational thought restoring America to greatness!


Meanwhile, the Democratic Party is wigging out as their aged line of has-beens become more demented and tiresome. Hillary can barely negotiate a flight of stairs, let alone any trade deals. Most of the Democratic Party leaders in Congress are desperately clinging to the myth of Russian collusion, a position unsupported by any facts or evidence. Over a year of investigations and millions of taxpayer dollars have turned up no wrong doing by President Trump. Any talk of impeachment is pure lunacy, but some are still preaching it.


The special election in Pennsylvania on Tuesday does not change the calculus much in the favor of Democrats this November. Conor Lamb, ′The Sham′, was more ′Trump-like′ than his opponent, and certainly more than every other elected Democrat in Washington. Lamb even promised to help bring about an end to Nancy Pelsoi as the leader of House Democrats. Even with all of that, Lamb still won by the slimmest of margins, which may not hold up in a recount.


When Nancy Pelosi isn′t busy washing the feet of illegal aliens, she is screwing them over by not cooperating with President Trump on DACA. Even DACA protesters are getting fed up with her after she rejected a plan which would have put 1.8 million DACA aliens on a path to legitimacy. Nancy Pelosi has a solution for stopping illegal immigration, mow the grass along the border! A recent poll conducted by the University of California in Berkeley shows that a majority of Californians, even a majority of Hispanics, want better border security and illegals deported.


Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with most of America, as well as being out of touch with reality. When will the voters in her district get wise? Is there no potential replacement for her? Even if the Democrats do win back the House in November, the odds of her being Speaker are not very good. Of course, for Republicans, Nancy Pelosi is the gift that keeps giving, just like Hillary Clinton. She provides excellent comic relief and plenty of material for pundits like me!


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