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Migrants Storm US Border

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/26/2018


Hundreds, perhaps thousands from the migrant caravan attempted to storm the U.S. border Sunday. The port of entry crossing between Tijuana, Mexico and San Ysidro, California was the scene of violent chaos. Customs and Border Patrol, CBP, officers had no choice but to close the border crossing. As the migrants grew more violent, throwing rocks and other objects at our CBP officers, pepper spray was used to force the invaders back. Mexican police arrested some three dozen migrants.




President Donald Trump has threatened to close the entire US-Mexico border unless a peaceful process is arranged. There was rumors that a deal was struck with the in-coming Mexican administration to provide shelter for the migrants in Mexico while asylum cases were processed. However, this was later denied. The full process could take as long as 2 years or longer, and resources in Tijuana are already strained. The mayor of Tijuana said that the situation is becoming a humanitarian crisis.


There is growing unrest as migrants and residents of Tijuana clash. A spike in crime has developed ever since the migrant caravan arrived. Many Mexicans are now sounding like President Trump, demanding a ′Mexico First′ policy from their government. They are seeing the migrants from Central America as a threat to their communities.


Sunday′s march on the border was orchestrated by those responsible for organizing the migrant caravans. Their initial plan had failed and are now seeking more drastic measures. Some of the migrants interviewed now wished they had never made the journey. They were obviously lied to by organizers. The migrants were told this would be one, big happy picnic and that they would get across the US border. There, they would receive welfare food, housing, schools and medical care, all free. Some might have even thought they would get jobs. But unlike the last caravan, this one has been blocked so far. They will actually have to wait until they get a legal asylum before being allowed into America. That could take quite a while and is rather unlikely for most of the migrants. They made the trek for nothing!


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