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Migrant Caravan Chaos In Tijuana

by Andrew Zarowny, 11/19/2018


The mayor of Tijuana, Mexico may be a racist according to Fake News Media personalities like Jim Acosta and Joe Scarborough! The mayor is upset with the sudden invasion of his community by the migrant caravan from Central America. Some 6,200 have invaded Tijuana, so far, with another 3,000 on the way. Friday night, a small riot broke out as legal residents of Tijuana skirmished with the invaders from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Seems that many in the migrant caravan are thieves, robbers, and other types of criminals. Not only are they committing crimes in Tijuana, they are also leaving trash everywhere. On Saturday and Sunday, more Tijuana residents took to the streets marching and protesting against the migrant caravan.




Some of the residents of Tijuana talked like they just came from a MAGA rally as TV reporters interviewed them. One fellow even used the classic argument against illegal immigration about how he has locks on hid doors and fences to keep out home invaders. Another, waving a Mexican flag, complained that those from the migrant caravan will steal their jobs and drive down salaries. Perhaps the mayor of Tijuana will run for president next election with the campaign slogans of, ″Build That Wall!″ and ″Make Mexico Great Again!″?


Tijuana only has facilities to take care of about 700 ′refugees′. So, with some 6,200 already there and another 3,000 coming, perhaps even arriving today, the city′s ability to feed and shelter them has been completely swamped. The mayor has requested at least an extra $4 Million dollars (US) from the federal government of Mexico to help cover the additional costs of care and security. With U.S. officials only processing about 100 asylum requests per day, a process which takes at least 5 weeks to complete, many in the migrant caravan may spend the next 6 months cooling their heels in Tijuana.


Many of the illegal immigrants are already talking about getting a job in Mexico to earn enough cash to pay a coyote to smuggle them across the U.S. border. Some are already getting frustrated in Tijuana, as they have to beg for water and complain about the free food they are being served. Which, of course, is driving the legal residents of Tijuana to become more anti-immigrant. That and the increase in crime and trash caused by the influx of the illegals.


Other communities in Mexico seemed more hospitable as the migrant caravan moved north. But, it is now fair to assume that such hospitality was only given knowing that the caravans were leaving for the next town further north. But Tijuana is sort of the end of the line. There is no place to go except into the United States, and that will take a long time. The situation could finally force Mexico to reinforce its border with Guatemala to block future migrant caravans. Especially if violence in Tijuana continues to increase.


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