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Michigan Governor Faces Protests

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer faces protests today.  Operation Gridlock will hit the state capitol, Lansing, as people rebel against tyrannical Coronavirus restrictions.  Also known as 'Governor Dimwit', she recently expanded restrictions, declaring stores like nurseries, selling gardening items, as non-essential.  Earlier, Whitmer threatened to legally attack doctors who prescribed hydroxychloroquine therapy to combat COVID-19.  State Representative Karen Whitsett, a fellow Democrat in Michigan, was sick with the Coronavirus, but she thanked President Donald Trump for making her aware of the potential benefits of the malaria drug.  As it turns out, Whitsett has taken the drug before when stricken with Lyme disease.  Due to Whitmer's confusing restrictions, Whitsett had trouble getting a COVID-19 test, as well as hydroxychloroquine, until she used her muscle as state legislator.


Governor Whitmer is just one of a growing list of tyrannical state leaders who are taking advantage of the Coronavirus to oppress citizens.  In Kentucky, people attending a drive-in Easter church service had their license plates recorded by state police for possible citations.  Other governors are also restricting what citizens can buy by redefining what they consider to be an 'essential' product or service.  Yesterday in North Carolina, a similar protest was broken up by police under orders from their governor.  Apparently, exercising free speech is considered non-essential.

We are seeing similar acts of tyranny on the federal level as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer try to block aid to American citizens in an effort to pad legislation with their own agenda pork.  Pelosi has even suspended the House from working as the Trump administration tries to add more money to help small businesses forced to close due to the Coronavirus.   The program is intended to help small business owners keep their staffs on payroll so they do not have to lay them off.  The $350 Billion dollars is going fast, with about 80% of it allocated in just the first weekend.  But an additional $250 Billion is being blocked by House and Senate Democrats.  They would prefer the economy shutdown and start a recession.

The COVID-19 pandemic is being used by Democrats to expand their power and drag America further Left.  In many states, criminals are being released while gun stores are closed and ammunition is being classified as a 'non-essential' product.  If a murderer or rapist might be diabetic, and at risk to the Coronavirus, Governors are letting them out of prison.  Who cares if they attack law abiding citizens?  The governors do not even care if the convicts are exposed to COVID-19 from the general population when they might actually be safer in prison, isolated from potential carriers of the dreaded disease.

What do you expect from these half-baked mental incompetents?  Democrats, like all Liberals, are just plain stupid!  They are greedy for power.  If ordinary citizens are stopped from going to church, defending themselves, or even prevented from starting a vegetable garden, it is all the same to Democrats.  Luckily, a few, like Karen Whitsett, have seen the light.   Whitsett thanked President Trump for helping to save her life.  His mentioning the drug hydroxychloroquine gave her the hope and opportunity to be treated and cured of the Coronavirus.  Meanwhile, Governor 'Dimwit' Whitmer will not even allow her citizens to travel to their vacation cottages, usually isolated in rural areas.  The perfect place to survive a pandemic.  Whitmer wants people to die of  boredom or disease.

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