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Megxit Monday

Welcome to Megxit Monday!  Yes!  Today is the day for the big royal pow-wow in the UK.  Last Wednesday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they want to "step back" from their royal duties.  That they will split their time in Canada and the UK and will seek to become more financially independent.  They made the announcement in public without consulting with Queen Elizabeth II.  A decision which has reportedly disappointed the Queen and now has led to quite the bru-hah-hah.  Or maybe 'bro-hah-hah' since it seems that even Prince William is irritated with his brother's attitude.  


There has been much chatter over Megxit.  Mostly concerning whether Meghan Markle is behind the decision to quit being a royal.  While UK-haters say that Buckingham Palace has always disliked Meghan, possibly for racial reasons, there are other theories.  One leading theory is that Meghan, the 38-year old Duchess of Sussex, has become a royal pain in the royal bum!  A major piece of evidence to this theory is the high turnover rate of staffers to the former Hollywood film star.  She is rumored to be quite the bitch!  The sort of celebrity who throws a hissy-fit over having green M&Ms in her candy dish.  

A meeting over Megxit is happening right now as I write this.  The Queen, Princes Charles, William and Harry are meeting at Sandringham Castle near Norfolk.  The 20,000 acre estate, located about 100 miles north of London, was built in 1870 by King Edward VII back when he was still only the Prince of Wales.  Sandringham is said to be one of Queen Elizabeth II favorite places.  Indeed, the location is beautiful and is a great tourist stop.  One can even book a stay at the estate's lavish house, a perfect example of the Victorian-Edwardian Era.  

The main issues to be decided are money, money and more money.  Currently, about 95% of Harry and Megham's income comes from Daddy Prince Charles, which actually comes from British taxpayers.  Also, the security costs to protect the royal couple, again, paid by the taxpayers.  The other 5% of their income also comes from British taxpayers, paid to them directly for their various royal duties.  Which brings up another issue to be decided, whether Harry and Megham will retain their His/Her Royal Highness status?  This is a big deal, especially since Harry is 6th in the line of succession as monarch.  

Along with the Queen and the Princes, Meghan Markle will also be in on today's meeting, though by telephone as she is currently in Canada.  She ducked out right after the big Megxit announcement.  For quite a while, there has been trouble.  The British media has been becoming increasingly harsh towards Meghan.  Again, this goes back to the large number of former staffers who quit their cushy jobs because Meghan is so bitchy.  Meghan supporters claim that she desires to be more independent, casting off the yoke of royal duties.  Mostly just PR work with the British people and other Commonwealth citizens. There is no doubt that Meghan and Harry could make plenty of coin on their own.  Rumors have been flying that Disney has offered Meghan some voice-over jobs in upcoming films.  Harry, a military-trained helicopter pilot, could easily make big bucks as a traffic-copter pilot in the Los Angeles area.

So, there is little doubt that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are through with being British royals.  Despite what may come from today's meeting at Sandringham, that bridge has been burnt. The questions remain as to how long and how much will their taxpayer-paid security detail will remain?  If anything, I have to thank them for spoiling Nancy Pelosi's big day in the Sun, as Megxit has displaced the Trump impeachment as the biggest circus in town.  Which only goes to prove that when it comes to spectacle, we Colonials still fall short to the British monarchy.

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