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Media Puzzled By Melania Trump Jacket

First Lady Melania Trump wore a jacket yesterday which poked some fun at the Fake News Media. The jacket, by Zara, has written on the back, ″I Really Don′t Care, Do U?″ She wore this during her visit to McAllen, Texas, where she dropped in on two facilities providing shelter for illegal immigrant children. One was a detention center funded by HHS run by the Lutheran Church. The other a DHS processing center. The HHS facility resembles more like a day care center with room and board. The DHS one is more temporary, holding children for about 72 hours before turning them over to HHS.


The Fake News Media did not want to focus on the First Lady showing interest and compassion to children. Instead, they attacked her wardrobe choice. Some claimed that the jacket was a ″dog whistle″ to anti-immigrant supporters of her husband. Some have assigned a connection between the jacket and a song by Demi Lovato. The reaction by The Media was typical, maintaining their average of 90-plus percent negative coverage on President Donald Trump. The same news media which largely ignored the shocking, vile tweet on Twitter by actor Peter Fonda the other day, which drew a visit from the U.S. Secret Service on the matter of making threats to the President and his family.


The visit by the First Lady to the children facilities was very informative. It confirmed much of what the Fake News Media has been lying about. For starters, about 80% of the children apprehended crossing the border illegally are unaccompanied by an adult relative. Those families who cross at a ″port of entry″ are not separated. Many of the nearly 2,400 children whom have been separated have no documentation that the adults they were apprehended with are actually parents or relatives. About a third or more turn out to be drug smugglers or human traffickers. Once DHS processes the children, they are turned over to HHS, which provides medical, education and other support and services.


The Department of Health and Human Services refugee program works as quickly as possible to find actual relatives of the children, or to place them in a certified foster home. The majority of the children arriving unaccompanied are between the ages of 12 through 17. Most are from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. They typically stay in the HHS facilities for about 45 days, sometimes as long as 6 months, before reunited with relatives or put into foster care. One consequence of the recent uproar by Democrats and the Fake News Media is that the photos of children behind chain-link fences, wrapped in foil emergency blankets, are scaring immigrants still in Mexico. The photos, most of which date back to a 2014 Arizona newspaper article, have made migrants think twice about crossing the border illegally and being separated from their children.


So the so-called controversy over the Melania Trump jacket is a silly one. I′m sure she cares about the children. In fact, the First Lady, along with Ivanka, helped push President Trump into signing the executive order to allow children to remain with their parents while the adults are detained for prosecution. The Trump administration is trying to clean up the mess which was left by Barack Obama and other administrations. The Department of Defense has been requested to accommodate families awaiting trials at military bases and to assign over 100 lawyers to deal with the back-log of cases. Meanwhile, Congress continues to struggle to get in gear. Funny how the Far Left is so worried about these children of illegal immigrants, much more so than American women who abort their babies, allowing doctors to crush infant skulls as they are ripped out of their mothers′ wombs.


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