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Media Mistrusts New Covid Models

Our news media hates any good news about the Coronavirus pandemic.  Over at MSNBC, host Chris Hayes is now questioning the latest COVID-19 models from the IHME.  A research group from the University of Washington, funded by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.  The first IHME computer model predicted a death toll of between 100,000 to 240,000 dead in America by August 4th.  However, that was based on the assumption that only about 50% of the nation would practice social distancing and good hygiene.  The actual number is closer to 93% compliance.  The real life data began a series of revisions to the IHME Covid Model.  First the death toll was reduced to about 93,000, then 86,000.  Two days ago, it was down to about 60,000.  Chris Hayes believes that the Trump administration is playing with the numbers in order to take credit for saving lives.  


MSNBC, and the rest of the Fake News Media, have been wrong or lying about the Coronavirus outbreak from the beginning of the pandemic.  On "Morning Joe", they have been claiming that they knew all along that the COVID-19 epidemic would be horrible.  Criticizing Trump for not acting fast enough.  However, the truth is that during the entire month of January, "Morning Joe" only had one guest who appeared in one brief segment about the outbreak.  He predicted that the Coronavirus would be no more harmful than the common cold.  In early February, guests criticized President Trump for banning flights from China, then Europe.  Even in early March, "Morning Joe" guests and hosts claimed that COVID-19 was no more serious than an ordinary flu outbreak.

Then they started harping about the lack of testing.  After recruiting help from private labs, the Trump White House ramped up testing, screening more people in 8 days than South Korea did in 8 weeks.  Yesterday, a reporter asked when the Trump administration would be able to test some 750,000 people per week, a move needed before reopening our nation's economy.  Dr. Birx explained that we are already doing that and more.  At current testing rates, we will have surpassed South Korea in population ratio tested by next weekend, just 4 weeks.  

There is just no pleasing members of the anti-Trump news media.  They refuse to accept any good news at all.  For Chris Hayes to claim that this juggling of numbers would mean that the Gates Foundation, the U of Washington and the IHME are in cahoots with Trump.  Hardly realistic in even the most demented, twisted mind.  The computer models were wrong because their basic assumptions were wrong at the start.  Plus, the situation keeps changing daily.  This is not some static event.  In New York City, only some 200 new patients were admitted into hospitals yesterday.  A week ago, some 1,400 were admitted in one day.  

Even really good news is ignored or disbelieved by so-called 'journalists'.  The anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine has turned out to be extremely effective in treating COVID-19.  The success rates in several ongoing studies, some involving over 1,000 patients, are in the 90%-plus range.  Most fully recover within 5 days, some are pulled back from the brink of death within a matter of hours.  Things have improved so much that in NYC, the Javitts Center emergency hospital built by the US Army has barely 100 patients using the 2,500 beds available.  The Navy vessel, the USNS Comfort, has only some 58 patients.  In Los Angeles, the USNS Mercy has had only 19 patients.  An Army field hospital in Seattle is being taken down to be moved elsewhere.

So when will our news media start telling the truth?  Probably never.  Sad to say, they hate President Trump so much that they simply refuse to be honest about anything.  They would rather keep the nation closed down, gripped in fear than report any positive news.  During the 1918 Pandemic, the news media acted in reverse, cooperating with the Wilson administration to suppress the truth about that influenza outbreak.  Over 625,000 Americans died from that virus, reducing the average life expectancy by some 12 years.  In retrospect, the 70,000 per year who had been dying from the opioid epidemic reduced our life expectancy by about 0.1 years. The way things are going, thanks to Americans practicing good hygiene and social distancing, the Coronavirus Pandemic will wind up being less of a health problem than opioid addiction or an ordinary flu outbreak.

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