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Media Meltdown As Impeachment Fails

The highly biased news media is having a meltdown as reality begins to return to Washington, DC.  The Senate impeachment trial of Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America will most likely end today.  All signs now point to his acquittal.  Democrat House managers have failed miserably in their efforts.  Naturally, the Fake News Media are blaming Senate Republicans for being cowardly in allowing the 'Orange Monster' to continue his reign of alleged terror.  Nancy Pelosi is blaming his legal defense team, saying that they should all be disbarred.  That they have trashed the Constitution.  The TRUTH, however, is that it was Pelosi and her minions who tossed out all reason, common sense and Constitutional law.  As this boring and ridiculous exercise in bad politics comes to an end, even I am chuckling at their foolishness, despite the reality that so much time and money has been wasted.


The news media, and Democrats, are most upset at law professor Alan Dershowitz for his brilliant position.  He made several bitterly honest points which sent the feeble-minded Liberals into a spastic tizz.  Foremost of which are two points, one that even if John Bolton were to testify and was truthful, it would still not make any difference.  Nothing President Trump did rises to the historic, acceptable level of being an impeachable offense.  The other point, verifying the first, is that every single policy decision made by a president is always a mixed bag of motives.  That such decisions are naturally meant to be on behalf of the nation, as a whole, as well as benefiting the president politically with voters.  Somehow, this concept baffles and confuses the Black & White, extremist views of the Liberal mind.

No kidding that policy choices might have politic consequences!  Just how stupid are they?!?!  Of course, they are only upset about this slice of reality because it foils their foolish attempt to impeach President Trump even though he never committed any actual crime.  The Democrats only have themselves to blame for staging such a empty-barreled attack.  The Media only have themselves to blame for making such a fuss over it.  You would think that they might have learned a lesson when Insurance Policy #1, the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, failed. Democrats and the Media spent nearly 3 years pushing that nonsense to no avail.  Now, Insurance Policy #2, the Trump-Ukraine hoax, has also gone down in flames.

So, now we have President Trump inoculated by a phony impeachment.  Good job, Adam Schiff!  You and your pals have only made Trump stronger, more powerful and beloved than before.  Much like when Darth Vader 'killed' Obe-One Kanobe in "Star Wars: A New Hope".  The Force is now stronger than ever within President Trump.  A fact that may bite weaklings like Mitt Romney in the butt.  John Bolton may also find himself now out in the cold from his former base of Fox News fans.  Sean Hannity appears ready to exile Bolton to the Gulag of Never Trumpers.  A fast, dwindling element in American politics.   

I have not watched "Morning Schmoe" on MSNBC in quite a while, but I had to watch them this morning to see their reaction to the latest news.  Senator Lamar Alexander, considered to have been a pro-witness vote earlier in the week, decided last night to vote NAY, and to vote to acquit President Trump, probably sometime this evening when the Senate makes its decision.  The idiot hosts and panel on "Morning Joe" were aghast at how their hopes for impeachment and witnesses have been foiled.  Especially after Susan Collins and Mitt Romney had earlier declared themselves on the YEA sode.  Lisa Murkowski  is still uncommitted, but her vote is now valueless.  A 50-50 vote in the Senate would result in no witnesses.  

What next?  I suppose Democrats could try again to impeach Trump for trying to benefit himself politically by improving the economy, securing our borders, and bringing about world peace.  I doubt if such a tactic would be any more successful than their previous attempts.  Keep in mind that this Ukraine business was actually the 7th attempt to impeach President Trump since he was elected.  The previous 6 attempts were even more stupid and ridiculous!  One of the expert legal witnesses who testified before Jerrod Nadlers' House Judiciary Committee believed that Trump should have been impeached for tweeting on Twitter using the term, "Fake News Media" back in February, 2017.  Speaking of which, the News Media now has to ask themselves how much longer they can continue to be so biased, so one-sided?   According to News Busters, 100% of evening news coverage was negative against Trump's lega; defense team, whiles 95% of coverage was positive towards House managers.  If that doesn't tell you the whole stpry, nothing else will!


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