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Media Impeachment Lunacy

House Democrats, led by Adam Schiff, laid a massive egg yesterday.  The first day of public impeachment hearings came up short as the two 'star' witnesses had nothing to offer but hearsay and conjecture.  One Democrat, Representative Quigley, even blurted out the ridiculous notion that hearsay is better evidence than direct knowledge or circumstantial evidence.  The best the witnesses could say was that he was told about what President Trump said from somebody whose assistant over heard a conversation. We knew what these witnesses were going to say before the hearings as the transcripts of their previous testimony during a secret hearing in front of Schiff's Intelligence Committee had been released last week.  This did not stop The Media from going hysterical, spewing fake news lunacy all day long.  MSNBC led the way, promising that the Trump presidency was now in peril.  CNN tried to be just as foolish, but their shot at being the worst fake news coverage was spoiled by legal commentator, Jeffery Tubin.  He had the good sense to point out that neither of the two witnesses offered any evidence of President Trump violating the Constitution.  Tubin even dismissed the silly idea that hearsay is better than direct or circumstantial evidence.

The House Democrats really miscalculated this action against President Trump.  His poll numbers are rising again as people see what a farce this latest witch hunt is.  His political base is fired up and donating tons of money to Trump's reelection campaign.  Perhaps the biggest problem House Democrats are causing is disrupting those Senate Democrats running for president.  Should this farce go to the Senate, those candidates will have to suspend their campaigns, perhaps for several weeks.  As members of the jury, they will not be able to talk about impeachment in public.  If Elizabeth Warren were smart, she should encourage the House Democrats to shut down the current hearings.

But Democrat allies in The Media will have none of that!  After the Mueller witch hunt ended in a dull thud, ratings have declined.  For some two and a half years, The Media maintained a steady drumbeat of how the Russia collusion story would be the end of Trump.  However, the Mueller probe ended, practically exonerating President Trump.  This deflated the hopes and dreams of the Fake News Media.  For a short while, they had little to complain about to their shrinking audiences.  Viewers had been misled and let down by The Media.  Much as they had been misled in the lead up to the 2016 Election Day.

Back in 1974, while attending high school, I developed a bad case of walking pneumonia.  Though I missed some school, I did get to watch the Watergate hearings.  If Adam Schiff thinks he is reliving those days, he is sadly mistaken.  Watergate had witnesses with first-hand knowldge.  Then there was John Dean, who actually sat in on meetings with Nixon and had direct knowledge of a cover-up attempt.  But Adam Schiff has no John Dean.  He doesn't even have an Ollie North from the Iran-Contra hearings.  Nor a Jessica Hahn, which would have at lest introduced some sex appeal to Schiff's hearings.  Perhaps that may be the biggest disappointment.  

No, Adam Schiff is failing and dragging the whole Democrat Party, and The Media, down the drain.  If it goes to the Senate, this Ukraine farce will ruin the Democrat Party in the 2020 elections.  Not only will President Donald J. Trump easily win reelection, but Democrats will lose the House, and probably a couple more seats in the Senate.  As for the The Media, they will lose what little credibility they may have left.  All they will have left is more false hope that Trump will lose.  

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